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Not All Celias Are Blond

My Celia was a dark natural blonde.

Celia at New Year in Venice

Celia at New Year in Venice

And up until now all Celia gluten-free lagers were the same colour. But not any more.

A Dark Celia

A Dark Celia

This dark variety is rather good. I only ordered four from Ocado!

But that’s the problem, I can never get enough of Celia.

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My First Ocado Delivery

I finally had an Ocado delivery today.

There are a lot of bags. But then there were a lot of bottles of Celia gluten-free lager and a couple of boxes of Coke.

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Lunch In Vozar’s In Brixton

I went for lunch today to Vozar’s in Brixton, which is a gluten-free restaurant, that also sells Celia lager.

Note that I took the last pictures as I walked back to Brixton Underground station after the excellent lunch.

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I’ve Just Got My World Cup Beer In

I’ll let the Germans win the beer war in this World Cup. English gluten-free beer seems to be sold out!

I ordered this beer from Beers of Europe.

It’s strange that the Germans can make good gluten-free beer, but can’t generally get the food right!

German coeliacs must live by beer alone!

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You Don’t Say No to Suffolk

I don’t drink much spirit, but I do like the odd glass of whisky. So I was pleased that the new Adnams whisky is now available.

I first read about the availability of the whisky in this article in The Times. The article tells how it is illegal for spirit and beer to be made on the same site, due to a law dating from the 1700s.

What Adnams did is outlined in this paragraph from the article.

Although the law had never been repealed, Mr Adnams tested its validity by submitting an application to HM Revenue & Customs. “We got a reply in only three months saying yes,” he said.

No-one in his right mind, ever says no to an obviously sensible suggestion from supposedly sleepy Suffolk.

I’m looking forward to getting a bottle!

It may be a novelty to most of the world, but when I started drinking Adnams bitter, they only had thirteen pubs and supplied a few clubs in the local area.

The Scots will not be quaking in their boots yet, but then Watneys thought they could crush this then tiny brewery from Southwold, by buying many of East Anglian’s breweries, including all in Norfolk. Red doors are still associated with bad beer and service all over East Anglia.

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A Sad Row Of Bottles

I have two drink problems. The first is that I never drink more than one bottle of cyder or beer in an evening and secondly, my fridge that keeps the wine cold has gone and died.

So now, I have a large number of bottles, that are probably ruined and I doubt I’ll drink them!

A Sad Row Of Bottles

A Sad Row Of Bottles

I suppose, if I was an alcoholic, they’d have gone by now.

I’ve already poured some once-nice rose down the sink.  But judging by the smell, I only missed stripping my gut and ending in hospital.

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Is Gluten-Free Beer Illegal In Italy?

I have puzzled for some time, why there is no Italian gluten-free beer, as if Germany with their strict brewing regulations can have one, surely can most countries.

So I searched Google using “birra senza glutine” and found this Italian site. It says this about a beer called Beautiful Elena.

Beautiful Elena : Italian craft beer derived from rice. By law in Italy can not be called beer, because this name is reserved only to beverages that contain barley or barley malt, then find it on the shelves labeled “rice drink alcohol.”

So it looks like many of the gluten-free beers we have couldn’t be brewed in Italy.  But they can sell other countries’ products.

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A Very Different Gluten-Free Beer

Most beers these days are light in colour, but this Dark G-Free from St. Peter’s Brewery in Suffolk is very much like an old-fashioned brown ale.

A Very Different Gluten-Free Beer

A Very Different Gluten-Free Beer

It was rather nice and very different to all other gluten-free beers I’ve tasted.

Until further notice, I shall make sure, I’ve always got a few of these in my cupboard.

I bought mine from Beers of Europe.

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How Much Beer Was Drunk In Trafalgar Square Yesterday?

Accordiung to this report on the BBC web site, Westminster’s team of cleaners, picked up about two tonnes of empty beer cans in Trafalgar Square yesterday.

if we assume that a can weighs about 20 grams, that means about 100,000 cans of beer were drunk in the square yesterday. Reportedly 25,000 Scots came down to see the match.

But at least little untoward happened!

The same story was reported in The Scotsman and a reader added this comment.

If we can organize this maybe we can handle being independent. Put a deposit on beer cans and the homeless will benefit.

Although, their estimate of the number of cans was a lot lower.

The Germans who came for the Champion League Final didn’t seem to drink much at all.

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My Last Bottle Of Lammsbräu

This is my last bottle of Lammsbräu.

My Last Bottle Of Lammsbräu

My Last Bottle Of Lammsbräu

The supplier is still awaiting deliveries of this excellent gluten-free beer from Germany.

I ordered something else from the supplier; Beers of Europe, on Tuesday and it arrived yesterday.  So at least the local loop is efficient!

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