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IKEA Gives More To The Philippines Than China

Hard to believe, but it’s true, and is fully reported in the Guardian.

China has given $2m, whilst IKEA has given $2.7m.

Japan, the United States and Australia have given a lot more.

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The Dalston House Reaches China

I’ve just picked up an article on the Dalston House on a Chinese web site.

So I suppose we’ll now see Dalston Houses all over China.

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Politicians Who Dye Their Hair

I can never understand, why people dye their hair!

I have a grey beard, but since going gluten-free, that seems as far as it got.

My late wife never dyed her hair and she was a natural dark blonde, with odd hairs of other colours, including grey and brown.  Her hairdresser, who also cut mine at the time told me a funny story about her.  He had just cut C’s hair and was preparing a very smart lady, who wanted her hair dyed a different colour. He asked her what colour she wanted and she said how about that, pointing to C. He had difficulty keeping a straight face as he told the lady it was totally natural.

My reason for this post is because I’ve just read this article about Chinese politicians dying their hair on the BBC’s web site. It shows how vain some of our leaders can get, especially as the previous Chinese leader had grey hair, as do many Chinese of my age you see in the UK.

I also remember seeing a speech by John Major, where he said he’d been accused of dying his hair, which of course he didn’t. I wrote about it here.

But we may accuse John Major of ,many things, but vanity is not one of them!

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The Man Who Outsourced Himself

This curious tale shows the power of the Internet. an obviously intelligent employee in the US, got a consulting firm in China to do his job, using the Internet.

I bet he’s not the only one who’s doing this!

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They Don’t Even Stop On Christmas Day

I’ve just had one of those silly job offer messages from a Chinese company called BMT Chemicals.

Our company BMTChemicals CC requires international payment receiving agents. If you are interested in this position please write back with your Full name, Address and Phone number for more information. 

I can only guess what will happen if I replied. It certainly wouldn’t be beneficial to me.

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The Onion Gets Taken As The Truth

I like stories like this, where a humorous piece from a satirical web site like The Onion, gets taken as the truth, by the media in some country where freedom and press don’t go anywhere together. This time it’s China that gets fooled, but Iran has been duped in the past.

The trouble is that these countries wouldn’t make fun of a serious leader so wouldn’t know humour if it hit them in the face.

I wonder if they have April Fools’ Day in China and Iran?

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Are Chinese Dogs More Intelligent?

This story from the BBC, about a Chinese dachshund is a bit over the top.

But it does seem to be an intelligent dog.  Hopefully, it isn’t too intent on starting World War 3, like so many other dachshunds I’ve met and even owned. One was distinctly racist and would attack any black dog she saw.

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A Chinese View On Peer-To-Peer Lending

I found this article in the South China Morning Post.

It would appear that peer-to-peer lending is taking off in China in a big way. Here’s an extract.

According to an unofficial source, there are an estimated 100 such Chinese lenders in operation, with projected total outstanding loans this year of 18 billion yuan (HK$22 billion)

That sounds a lot to me.

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Play Interrupted By A Cockroach

I’m just watching the Murray-Federer tennis on the television.

the play was momentarily halted because of a cockroach or another large insect.

One commentator said it had escaped from their hotel or something like that!

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Buses For The Chinese

The bus route 88 is surely an ideal one for the Chinese, who are very superstitious about eights.

We even had a winner at Nottingham on the 8th of August, 1988.  The horse, Golden Panda was named after a Chinese restaurant, owned by a friend from Hong Kong.

We dined out cheaply on that win for many years.

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