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Dementia Has Stabilised

According to this report on the BBC web site, research from the University of Cambridge has shown that dementia levels are stabilising.

A few years ago, Oxford University proved a link between having low B12 levels at 50 and dementia, if you had dementia in your family.

Could it be, that GPs, who now check out bloods regularly are having an effect?

When first tested at 50, my B12 levels were non-existent. Now at 68, they’re spot on!

And what is one way to help your B12 levels? – Go gluten free!

As other studies at other world-class universities, like Nottingham, have shown that a gluten-free lifestyle lowers your changes of getting cancer, I think that going gluten-free because of my coeliac disease, wasn’t one of the worst lifestyle decisions I made.

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ollybars At The Reilly Rocket

The Reilly Rocket is a cafe on my walking route home from Dalston Junction station and the Kingsland High Road, that I occasionally use for a small refreshment.

Today I popped in and found they were promoting ollybars on the counter.

So I ate one with my pot of English breakfast tea and took another home for later.

At two quid they may be more expensive than say EatNakd bars, but they are very good.

Too many gluten-free snacks are either bland or have the texture of sawdust.

ollybars are not guilty of either fault.

Congratulations to Olly!

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Gluten-Free Food On The NHS

As a coeliac, I get no food from the NHS.

If you take bread as an example, I get through a couple of slices a day, usually spread with honey, in a sandwich or as something to eat with say hummus.

If I was to get this bread on the NHS, a month’s worth would leave me with no space in the freezer and I’d have to defrost each slice as I needed it.

Also, the bread from Marks and Spencer is far superior to anything available on the NHS.

I probably spend about a fiver on specialist gluten-free food every week, but mainly I eat the sort of food, that is naturally gluten-free, like meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.


A more cost-effective system would be that all coeliacs got a monthly payment to help with food costs. If they spent it on cigarettes, then that is their affair!

So what do I think are the best gluten-free foods?

Bananas – A snack in its own wrapper.


Black Farmer Sausages – Made for real men

Celia gluten-free beer

EatNakd Bars

Eat Natural Toasted Muesli With Vine Fruit – Not the Buckwheat!


Fish – Always skinless and boneless

Goats Milk – It lasts forever in the fridge



Marks & Spencer’s Beefburgers –

Marks & Spencer’s Bread – It’s all excellent

Marks & Spencer’s Calves Liver – All that B12

Marks & Spencer’s Still Lemonade – I use it to clear my throat of catarrh

Marks & Spencer’s Welsh Goats Cheese

New Potatoes – I use them as nibbles too!

Rachel’s Yoghurt with Honey – It doubles as a quick pasta sauce!





Rump Steak – Always top quality

Waitrose Chicken Breast Chunks – So many simple meals start with these!

Waitrose Prepared Mango, Melon and Pineapple

Whisky – Scotch or Irish

I do tend to buy food that doesn’t need preparation, as my knife skills aren’t that good and being on Warfarin, I don’t want to cut myself. I also buy the Waitrose prepared fruit, as to buy a whole mango, melon or pineapple would mean I would waste a lot.

I should say I don’t need to live frugally, but if I had to, I could fund my energy, water, Council Tax, phone and daily food from well within my State Pension. Obviously, I get travel in Greater London free and I don’t have a car



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Serial Cooking – Roast Sausage And Lentils With Wild Rocket And Cherry Tomatoes


This recipe is another from Lindsey Bareham in The Times.

The main ingredients, are 24 M & S gluten-free cocktail sausages, a 250g sachet of cooked lentils, 125g of sliced chorizo and 400g of cherry tomatoes.

It is exceedingly simple and is shown in these pictures.

It may be quick, but it’s gorgeous.



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My First Pork Pie In Almost Twenty Years

It is just a couple of years short of twenty years since I was diagnosed as a coeliac and I have been gluten-free ever since.

Yesterday, I found some mini gluten free pork pies in Marks and Spencer.

The two of the four I’ve eaten were small and perfectly formed. They didn’t taste half bad either.

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My First Ocado Delivery

I finally had an Ocado delivery today.

There are a lot of bags. But then there were a lot of bottles of Celia gluten-free lager and a couple of boxes of Coke.

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A Lazy Man’s Supper

This was my supper sourced from the De Beauvoir Deli.

I wouldn’t normally be so lazy, but I had a lot to do and as I was buying some paint from the DIY store opposite, by buying supper, it saved me another trip later in the day. The steak came from Downland Produce and the potato dauphinoise from Ginger’s Kitchen.

I enjoyed it immensely!

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Krakow – A City Of Maps, Clocks, Trams And Gluten Free Food

Krakow is well-known for its buildings, but I found some other things equally fascinating in a delightful city.

All of the maps, clocks, trams and excellent gluten-free food, made the city a real joy to explore and I would recommend the city to anybody.

To see all the posts for my Home Run From Krakow click here.


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Braunschweig is known to the British as Brunswick.

I passed through on a train on my Home Run from Gdansk and as it was a place I’d never heard of before that trip, when I planned this trip, I noticed that I could change trains at the city.

This Google Map shows the layout of the city.



It could be a sensible stop on a rail trip across Europe.

It was also a friendly stop, which started when the lady in the tram information kiosk, gave precise instructions on how to either walk or use a tram to the centre and then sold me a pair of tickets for the tram. The tram was not very new, but it was in good condition with very good information. Incidentally, the tram system has a unique metre gauge, which is being updated so that the tram routes can share with trains. Sounds like stealth train-trams to me!

As I had a good late lunch in the Cafe Alex, I’m glad I visited. It was only after I returned that I found that it was a brand controlled by Mitchells and Butlers. Some of their UK restaurants I’ve eaten in, don’t know their allergies as well as the Germans.

I must try out some of them again.

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Lunch In Chemnitz

It is probably interesting to compare my lunch in the Ratskeller in Chemnitz with the scraps I scrounged in Middlesbrough a few months ago, on a day when Ipswich lost and the trains screwed me up rotten.

I only had a tuna salad.

I’ve tasted worse, but it lacked a certain tastiness, although it was very unlikely to do me any harm.

At least the menu indicated gluten, which is very difficult to detect in many places in the UK. The German system of a series of letters and numbers would be welcomed here.

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