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Manly Library Classifies Armstrong’s Books As Fiction

This story is a classic Australian put-down for sports worst cheat.

So it’s only a hoax, but everybody got the joke.

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Hugh McIlvanney Calls Lance Armstrong A Conman

In a well-reasoned piece in The Sunday Times, Hugh McIlvanney  states his view on Armstrong.  Conman came from the title.

I wonder if Armstrong will be suing McIlvanney!

I think he won’t, as The Sunday Times already has a lot of legal issues, it needs to discuss with Armstrong. Probably in a Court of Law!

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The Tragic Fallout Of Doping Cheats

After the mega-cheat, Lance Armstrong’s theatrical performance, last night, Nicole Cooke this morning made an impassioned plea for the victims of  those, like the drug-fuelled Texan. She said, that she had lost medals because others cheated by doping when competing against her.

I remember the 1960s, when athletics was ruined by the Soviet Block, who took everything that a chemist could devise. Look at the career of our greatest-ever female sprinter; Kathy Smallwood-Cook, who  would be in a totally different league, if competition had been fair and square. It has always puzzled me, how Mary Peters ever won that pentathlon gold in the 1972 Munich Olympics.  If you look at the women’s athletics results at that games, few medallists are not from the Soviet Block. There are a few West German medals, but then they had home advantage and London 2012 showed how that helps drammatically. I do remember watching that pentathlon, with C on a terrible black and white television,  when Mary Peters, was almost willed over the high jump bar by masses of British troops based in Germany, who somehow had got tickets.

Where would the careers of some retired clean athletes be, if they had competed fair and square?

Cheats like Armstrong have a lot to answer for! He should be prosecuted for fraud and perhaps asked to spend some time in a nice cosy Texas jail.

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Rat Poison And Sprouts Don’t Mix

This cautionary tale about mixing brussels sprouts with anti-coagulant drugs, like Warfarin, should be noted.

The trouble is that I like my sprouts, so I’ll go easy on them over Christmas.

I think though, I’ll do a before and after INR test.

I feel a bit of scientific research coming on!

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Do All Pill Packets Have A Picture?

It struck me today, that my various pill packets have a picture of the tablet on the outside.

Do All Pill Packets Have A Picture?

Either I’m being unobservant or could it be that I read the words rather than look at the picture.

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The Biggest Cannabis Plant In The World

This story just has to be passed on. Here’s the first paragraph.

An elderly couple have unwittingly grown the “biggest cannabis plant” police officers had seen after buying what they thought was an innocuous shrub from a car boot sale.

The question also has to be asked, as to whether the seller in the sale, knew what they were selling.

I don’t think, I’d know what a cannabis plant looked like.

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Faith Healers Claim HIV Cure

BBC London is leading with this story this morning and giving it the due respect it deserves.  In other words, saying it’s a load of old religious bunkum and the best thing you can do is take your anti-retroviral drugs. The BBC is also saying that there have been at least three deaths, because people stopped taking their drugs.


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Painkillers Can Make Headaches Worse

This has been said on the television this morning.  There’s more here.

I used to suffer from bad migraines brought on by flashing lights and exercise, but since being diagnosed as a coeliac and going on a gluten-free diet, I don’t get them any more.

I haven’t taken a painkiller since C died, except when I was suffering two years ago from bad pain in my face due to a tooth and when I had the tooth out.

If I have a slight pain, I use a measure of Scottish falling down liquid, diluted with London tap water.

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Silly Pill Packaging

These bisoprolol fumarate pills have the most infuriating packaging in that some of the bubbles don’t have a pill in them.

Silly Pill Packaging

But from the other side you wouldn’t know, which bubbles have pills in them.

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How to Cut Down Strokes and Their Effects

The more I learn about strokes the more I know that the one I had in Hong Kong might well have been avoided.

my stroke was caused by atrial fibrillation. This was detected hen I had a small stroke in March 2010.  I now feel that I should have been put on Warfarin, but why the doctors didn’t take this route, I do not not know. Could it be that my previous surgery in Suffolk, wouldn’t use a simple hand-held instrument, but still relied on expensive weekly blood tests? I don’t know, but having been on a system based on a machine since moving to  London, I can honestly say that the the system is better from a patient’s point of view. My previous cardiologist, who has an International reputation assured me that if I kept my Warfarin regime, I would not have another stroke.

I am now under the care of University College Hospital in London.  I happened to tell the nurse doing my electro-cardiogram there, that twenty or so years ago, I had had one that missed a beat in a flying medical. She said that that should have been followed up as it was indicative of atrial fibrillation. Instead over the past twenty years, I’ve had the odd cholesterol and blood pressure tests and that is about all.

It strikes me that, if I had had a proper heart medical, twenty years ago, then my stroke might have been avoided.

But I didn’t even see a cardiologist after my first stroke.

It strikes me that GPs either need to be better trained with regard to heart problems or less reluctant to refer patients to cardiologists.

I was also lucky in that I had my major stroke in Hong Kong.

There I was given a drip of a clot-busting drug, that provably mitigated my lasting problems. It is common place in some countries and regions of the UK.  A BBC London report, showed that it saved money against conventional treatment, by avoiding lots of expensive after care. Additionally, in London, you are always taken to a specialist stroke unit.

So it does look like things are improving in the treatment of strokes.

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