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Match Thirty-Six – Ipswich 1 – Brentford 1

This was another long day because of the works on the line to Ipswich. When am I going to get a season of football which has not been made miserable at some point by the trains?

I did travel in reasonable trains both way as I went via Cambridge, but it’s a long way round and I didn’t arrive back home until after eight.

The match was a ding-dong affair, that sums up as Mick said, the bonkers nature of the Championship. Either team could have won it with a bit of luck.

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Match Thirty-Four – Norwich 2 – Ipswich 0

This was a dreadful day as we lost to Norwich.

Match Thirty-Four - Norwich 2 - Ipswich 0

Match Thirty-Four – Norwich 2 – Ipswich 0

But what made it worse was the tediously long journey both ways due to the work on the Great vEastern Main Line.

I evetually got back into London at nine o’clock, after a match that finished at four, to find that all my normal routes home were suffering from engineering works.

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Match Thirty-Two – Ipswich 0 – Reading 1

This was one of those matches that contributed to a tiresome day. It started by having to go to Ipswich via Billericay and a coach.

Ah! Billericay!

Ah! Billericay!

Reading scored one of those goals and then sat back and defended – Game Over!

Coming home was much worse, as I was dropped into the organised chaos at Liverpool Street.

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Match Twenty-Eight – Ipswich 0 – Wigan 0

This match was always going to be a disappointment, as the travel was so chancy.

It did show though, how important Daryl Murphy is to the team, as we rarely do well if he’s not in the team.

I think that as he’s a very good talker, his effect on the team may be more than just what he does with his feet and head.

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Ipswich Town Get Angry

This story on the BBC follows a similar theme to one I wrote a week or so ago.

I remember some years ago, when Stoke Hill tunnel by Ipswich station was enlarged for the larger containers, and passengers were bused from Ipswich to Manningtree, that the rail companies involved ran an exemplary system, backed by copious information and publicity.

So it proves yet again that Abellio Greater Anglia generally see passengers as irrelevant except as cash cows.

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Match Twenty-Seven – Brighton 3 – Ipswich 2

I like going to Brighton for a match, as the stadium is one of the best and it is just a short walk from the train station. You get comfortable seats, with good views, which can’t be said for many other stadia.

Brighton's Impressive Stadium

Brighton’s Impressive Stadium

Sadly, Ipswich didn’t put on a display to the quality of some of late and on a bitterly cold night they lost by the odd goal in five.

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FA Cup Match Two – Ipswich 0 – Southampton 1

Every year these days, Ipswich never seem to get past the Third Round.

And this year was no exception!

I agree with Mick McCarthy’s comments.

I’m always disappointed when I lose but I thought the game was a damp squib. We were OK until they scored and then they killed the game.

At least because there was no extra time, I did get home easily, if very slowly.

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FA Cup Match One – Southampton 1 – Ipswich 1

Ipswich took around 5,000 supporters to Southampton.

And with a bit of luck we might have come away victorious. The BBC said this, when describing Mick McCarthy’s reaction.

“I just said to the lads, ‘well done, it’s the last thing we really wanted’ – but that was tongue-in-cheek.

“I didn’t want to lose, that’s for sure. Why can’t we have a cup run as well? I came down here and watched Arsenal play and Southampton were worthy winners.

It will hopefully be an interesting replay at Portman Road on the 14th.

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Match Twenty-Three – Brentford 2 – Ipswich 4

I’d never been to Brentford for a match before and I suspect it’ll be unlikely again I’ll go to Griffin Park again, unless it’s for the play-offs this year, as Brentford are trying to build a new ground nearby.

A Pub At Each Corner

A Pub At Each Corner

The picture shows the narrow streets around the ground which is unique in having a pub on each corner.

It’s not much bigger inside either and we had to stand.

Standing At Brentford

Standing At Brentford

At least in a couple of weeks, we’ll be playing Millwall at the Den, which has one of the best Away areas in the country.

As we left the ground, Ipswich were top, but by the end of the day we’d been overtaken by Bournemouth.

I think that Mick McCarthy is going to have an interesting transfer window in January. At least by the end of month given another couple of wins, I would suspect that Ipswich will be safe from any relegation.



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A Must-Read For All Ipswich Fans

This interview in the East Anglian Daily Times with Luke Chambers gives a deep insight into the team and its dynamics.

Reading this, I do sometimes wonder that Mick McCarthy’s biggest skill is finding players that will get on with the others.

I think this season, I’ve hardly seen a difference of opinion on the field between players, even when they’ve given away a silly goal or even lost!

I believe that if this spirit stays they might even be able to at least draw at Carrow Road! To many fans a result against Norwich City is more important than promotion.


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