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What Is The New Mayor Of London Going To Do For Car Drivers?

Most of the London Mayor candidates for 2016 seem to ignore car drivers.

As a non-driver, I wouldn’t mind if the new Mayor decreed that no-one in London could own a car, but if he or she did, they wouldn’t get elected.

I do occasionally need to be transported by car and as I don’t have the expense of actually owning one, I can afford to take a black cab, which I do perhaps a dozen times a year, at a total cost of perhaps three hundred pounds.

The most difficult journeys are ones where say, a friend is picking me up and taking me somewhere, so they have to drive into Hackney and out the other side again. Which just adds to the congestion unneccesarily.

The other tricky thing for car-drivers, is those coming into London often have no convenient Park-and-Ride. I was lucky, when I lived near Newmarket, as I could park at Whittlesford Parkway and get a train into Liverpool Street.

But when years ago, when I lived near Ipswich, parking was very limited and I had to get a taxi to the station. I once had a letter from British Rail suggesting that I ask my wife to drive me to the train.

I also see problems with the new Night Tube. This will generate an amazing night life all over the centre of London and I think we’ll see large numbers of people using the Tube late into the night and early morning. Those living in London will be able to use the Tube, but as there is little adequate parking at or around stations just inside the M25, visitors and those working late in the evening, may well lead to a lot of parking congestion around the stations.

To add to that, as London becomes an increasingly twenty four hour/seven day a week city, there will be an increasing need for some form of parking for night workers.

I have checked the map and the only Tube and rail stations close to a junction of the M25 will parking, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

I believe that London needs a ring of well-designed car/bus/train interchanges around the M25. I did propose one at Waltham Cross, but that idea was not put together properly.

The interchanges would be designed for the following services.

1. Park-And-Ride, particularly aimed at those not wanting to stay all day. So perhaps the parking charges would be sensible for say the first four hours and then draconian afterwards. Obviously, at weekends and in the evenings, they would be reduced and aimed at those perhaps going to a sporting event or seeing a show or concert.

2. Pick-Up and Drop-Off of passengers, perhaps linked to something like thirty minutes free parking.

3. Car Hire for those living in London.

4. Long Distance Coach Services

5. Motorway Services

Obviously, there would be a frequent service into Central London. The service would have to be step-free and wi-fi enabled. I also think that like Cambridge’s superb Park-and-Ride, it would be linked into the cycle network.

Get it right and it would cut vehicular traffic into London.



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Boris Gets A Statue

Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley unveiled a statue called Boris yesterday.  But it is a large polar bear in front of Peter Jones in no way connected to the Mayor of London.

There’s more about the statue here.

I liked it and would vote for Boris to stay.

I doubt a lady who got on the bus towards Wandsworth would though, as she was wearing a fur coat.

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London Moves To Licence Pedicabs

I have seen some horrific incidents with pedicabs and according to this report, it would appear that the Mayor and Transport for London are moving towards licencing them and driving the illegal ones off the road.

Having seen at first hand, how they contribute to jams in the West End, I think it’s about time too! Although, I’ve never ridden in one in this country.

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Seb Coe For London Mayor

He was impressive today on BBC Breakfast.

I think he would make a wonderful successor to Boris.  He’s also only 20/1 with Paddy Power.

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“The Jubilee was one of the greatest aquatic triumphs of the British people”

This was said by Boris Johnson on American television, when he was promoting his book. There’s a video of it here.

Have we ever had a politician like Boris before?

Boris hints that he could be President of the United States as he was born in New York.

I suspect, he’d make a better fist of it, than some of second-raters, who’ve held the job in my lifetime.

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The Election That Wasn’t

Has there ever been an election, that was so low key? I haven’t seen one window sticker or been canvassed.  If it wasn’t for the coverage on television and in the papers, you would have thought there was no elections at all. I did see Boris once, but he wasn’t actually doing anything, except being nice to everybody.

The only result that says anything, has been  turn-out of 32 %, that has been the worst for a decade.

I did vote, but the polling station was like a morgue.  I saw two other voters and the one of those had got lost as he tried to find the room, where the vote was taking place.

In some ways the election that matters for London, other than the Mayor, takes place at the weekend in France. Turbulence and political uncertaincy there, will certainly affect London, but until we see the result of the Sarkozy-Hollande run-off, we won’t know how.

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The Mayor Calls in the Supersewer

I know it’s election time and there are votes to be won, but I’m pleased that Boris has called in Thames Water proposal for a super sewer under the Thames. As I said in a previous post.

Although I should say, that as someone who has spent a lot of time around project management and managers, I will say that what gets built in the end, will be quite unlike what was originally proposed. That’s what good project management is about.  It makes a project better, cheaper and less disruptive.

Let’s hope the engineers prove me right. Unfortunately, some of the alternatives, like stopping householders from creating hard-staandings in their front garden, are sometimes more unpopular than the super sewer.

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Man Has Boris Tattooed on his Leg

Each to his own I suppose.  But this?

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Voting for the Bus

I was at the Angel yesterday afternoon, waiting for a 38 or 56 to take me home, when a New Bus for London passed the other way going towards Victoria.

The guy standing next to me, asked if I’d ridden the bus and I said several times. We then both agreed that we liked them and I said that as an engineer and a designer, it had a lot of good ideas that would find their way into new buses, making them all better.

He then made the statement, that although he was a lifelong Labour voter, he would be voting for the one candidate, who won’t be scrapping the bus; Boris.

Is this the first time that the man on the Dalston omnibus, has been swayed in his voting preference, by that bus?

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Lord Sugar Doesn’t Back Ken For London Mayor

Lord Sugar is supposed to be a Labour Peer. But here are his words for Ken  Livingstone as reported in the Telegraph.

The Labour peer defied Ed Miliband by telling his 1.8 million followers on Twitter to reject the party’s official candidate.

The intervention could amount to a breach of party rules and is likely to damage the Labour campaign.

“I don’t care if Ed Miliband is backing Livingstone,” Lord Sugar wrote. “I seriously suggest NO ONE votes for Livingstone in the Mayoral elections.”

He added that the contest between the Conservative, Boris Johnson, and Mr Livingstone was a “real issue”. “Livingstone must NOT get in.”

Not very supportive.

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