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92 Clubs – Schedule – Day 6 – Burnley, Burton Albion, Bury, Cardiff

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This is not an easy day with quite a lot of walking.

As I said on Day 5, it would be nice to position from Bristol nearer Burnley before this day starts.

Then there are two difficult legs to Burton Albion and Bury, before probably ending up at Manchester Piccadilly to either go home or take a train to Cardiff. The latter option is interesting, as it would give me enough time to see the ground and then get on the 04:45 train to Carlisle. It would also be cheaper and enable me to donate more money to the charity. I have a budget and any pound left over gets donated.

One thing I must do is on Day 3, when I pass through Piccadilly, is find out how much the late ticket from the station to Cardiff will cost.

See what actually happened in these Day 6 posts; Is it Over? and Burnley, Burton Albion

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