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Moorgate To Battersea Power Station With A Change At Kennington

These pictures tell the story of my journey from Moorgate station  to Battersea Power Station station, with a change at Kennington station.


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No Trains To And From Battersea Power Station Station Yet!

Looking at the trains through Goodge Street station at 06:25 and they’re all turning at Kennington station.

It could just be the information as the BBC has said trains are running!

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Will Some Word Processing Software Object To Someone Typing Battersea Power Station Station?

It is quite likely, that someone will need to type “Battersea Power Station Station” into a document.

I’ve just tried to type it into Word and it objects!

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When Does The First Train Run To Battersea Power Station Tomorrow?

This paragraph from Wikipedia describes the opening of the Victoria Line.

The line opened from Walthamstow Central to Highbury & Islington on 1 September 1968. There was no opening ceremony; instead the normal timetable started. The first train left Walthamstow Central for Highbury & Islington at 7:32 a.m. The line proved to be popular; more than 1,000 tickets were purchased at Highbury & Islington within its first hour of opening.

When I went to the opening of Whitechapel station in August, it was very much a low-key opening that had been flagged-up on the Internet. I wrote about it in Whitechapel Station – 23rd August 2021. The only thing out of the ordinary was extra staff and cups of teas and biscuits, that could be purchased.

Surely, that is the way to do it! No fuss! No long boring political speeches and no keeping the plebs out of the way of the Great and Good!

Everybody just gets on with using the station or the line.

But I can’t find any information on what is happening tomorrow about the opening of the Northern Line Extension to Battery Power Station station.

Does this mean that there’s a big do with all the Great and Good?

As with the Victoria Line in 1968, there must be people who want to use the new extension.


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Kennington Green Head House – 19th September 2021

I took these pictures this morning.


  1. The actual head house is the lighter modern building in the corner of Kennington Green.
  2. The external works appear to be almost complete.

This certainly looks to be a more stylish building than some I’ve seen.

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Kennington Park Head House – 19th September 2021

I took these pictures this morning.


  1. It looks like a garden is being created, where major works were done.
  2. The head house appears to be at the other end of the site away from the digger.

The head house doesn’t appear to have been completed yet.

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Is Kennington Station Ready For The Extension?

As I passed through Kennington station, this morning, I took these pictures.


  • Trains turning at Kennington in the loop are signed as not in service.
  • Some of the signage has been updated.
  • It does appear that there is some need for some decorators.

But the biggest problem is that if you need to change direction , at the station, it’s up one steep staircase and down another. The step-free route would mean changing at London Bridge or Waterloo, as these stations have the platforms between the tracks.

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Rolls-Royce’s All-Electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ Takes To The Skies For The First Time

The title of this post, is the same as that of this press release from Rolls-Royce.

This is the first paragraph.

We are pleased to announce the completion of the first flight of our all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft. At 14:56 (BST) the plane took to the skies propelled by its powerful 400kW (500+hp) electric powertrain with the most power-dense battery pack ever assembled for an aircraft. This is another step towards the plane’s world-record attempt and another milestone on the aviation industry’s journey towards decarbonisation.

Rolls-Royce also published an album of photographs, of which this is one.

Note that the motor was designed and made by Yasa.

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Stratford Station Secures Funding For Plans Set To Relieve Overcrowding

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Rail Technology Magazine.

These are the first two paragraphs.

Reduced congestion at London’s Stratford station is on the table as Network Rail secure a £2m boost from the Department for Transport.

Stratford Station has seen a surge in demand – despite the impact of the pandemic – ever since the 2012 Olympics, and the forecast for this is set to grow even more as the area continues to regenerate.

Something needs to be done as it is he busiest non-terminal station in London, that before the pandemic was handling over 42 million passengers per year.

Nothing specific is said, except that more space will be created for passengers with better wayfinding.

Although the article says that this could be a five year project.

The Current Station

This is an extract from It’s Time To Detopsify Stratford Station, which was a previous look at Stratford station in May this year.

This map from shows the Topsy-like nature of the platforms at Stratford.


  1. The Docklands Light Railway is shown in turquoise.
  2. The DLR platforms in the North-West corner of the map are those of Stratford International station.
  3. High Speed One and the four platforms of Stratford International station are shown in black.
  4. The North London Line of the London Overground is shown in orange.
  5. The North London Line terminates in Platforms 1 and 2, which have a level link to Platform 12.
  6. Platform 12 is on the anti-clockwise platform for the High Meads Loop and has step-free access to the subway system underneath the station.
  7. Platform 11 is on the clockwise platform for the High Meads Loop and has level access to Platform 10a and full step-free access,
  8. Platform 10a is used by some services to East Anglia.
  9. Crossrail is shown in blue.
  10. The Central Line is shown in red.
  11. The Jubilee Line is shown in silver.

It is not the best passenger-friendly station layout.

What Would I Do?

These are what I would like to see.

Better Information on the Overground Platforms

If I am returning from Stratford after doing some shopping at Eastfield, I will often climb up the stairs or rise in the lift to the two Overground platforms 1 and 2. I will often find two trains there, but there is no indication to say which will be the first train to leave.

Use Of The High Meads Loop

The High Meads Loop is a double-track loop at the Southern end of the branch of the West Anglia Main Line that leads to Stratford.

  • It is mainly underneath the Eastfield shopping centre.
  • It serves Platforms 11 and 12 in Stratford station.

As the single-track loop of the Wirral Line under Liverpool can handle up to sixteen trains per hour (tph), I believe that the High Meads Loop could be used as the Southern terminus for an improved service to Cambridge, Stansted Airport and up the Lea Valley to Cheshunt, Chingford, Harlow and Hertford East.

The signage from when Stratford had a Stansted Express service is still there and shown in this picture.



This is almost symptomatic of the chaotic nature of the station.

I get the impression from this sign, that one of the original design criteria of the High Meads Loop and the Overground platforms at Stratford for the North London Line was to create an easy route for the whole of North London to Stansted Airport and Cambridge.

Or is it just a symptom of Too Many Cooks Syndrome, where everybody had their own ideas and no-one took charge and designed Stratford station properly?

Let’s hope Network Rail are fully in charge, as this is not a project to interest Sadiq Khan, as it’s not in South London and that area of London won’t benefit.

A Better Connection Between Stratford Station And Southeastern HighSpeed Services

I have just looked up how it is recommended you might travel between Richmond and Faversham.

The timetable recommends a double-change at Clapham Junction and Victoria.

I would take the Overground to Stratford and then change to the Southeastern HighSpeed services.

  • This route is a single change.
  • The change is step-free.
  • The change involves passing the best station stop in the UK; Marks and Spencer’s large store in the Eastfield Shopping Centre, where takeaway food is well placed for passing trade.

But the change is badly signposted and could be a long walk with a heavy case.

There is probably a need for some form of people mover that connects all the platforms at Stratford station to the platforms at Stansted International station.


Sort it!




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Skelmersdale Railway Station Could Finally Happen – If Government Says Yes

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Lancs Live.

The article is a good summary of why Skelmersdale needs a station.

But it doesn’t mention that any service to Skelmersdale will probably go via Merseyrail’s new station at Headbolt Lane.

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