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A Map, An M & S, But No Clock At Manchester Victoria Station

Manchester Victoria station has improved recently, with a map and an M & S Simply Food.

But it doesn’t have a proper clock.

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New Lifts At Newbury Park Station

Newbury Park station now has lifts.

It also looks like the station has had a bit of upsprucing, as well!

The two clocks looked superb, alongside what is a top quality lift installation.

Two mothers with babies in prams were especially pleased, as neither knew that the station now had lifts, as they didn’t live in the area.

Transport for London are putting in several step-free installations at the outer reaches of the Central Line and like a thousand American lawyers at the bottom of the sea, it’s a good start!

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Exploring The Historic Centre Of Las Palmas

I took a 30 bus from the port to the bus station at San Telmo and walked to the cathedral and back.

There is a lot to see as the pictures show.

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Krakow – A City Of Maps, Clocks, Trams And Gluten Free Food

Krakow is well-known for its buildings, but I found some other things equally fascinating in a delightful city.

All of the maps, clocks, trams and excellent gluten-free food, made the city a real joy to explore and I would recommend the city to anybody.

To see all the posts for my Home Run From Krakow click here.


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Clocks In Stereo

I took this picture early one morning.

Clocks In Stereo

Clocks In Stereo

They do seem pretty much in agreement!

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Should Every Train Have A Clock?

Every London bus shows a clock on the stop display and because of this, I rarely wear a watch these days.

Some trains now show a clock on their destination displays too!

I hope this is going to be universal.

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A Heritage Station With Four Clocks

After writing my piece about the Northern Line Extension, I went to have a look at Kennington station.

It is a Grade II Listed building, but to me one of its best features is the four clocks.

The layout is unusual in that the two Southbound platforms are underneath the two Northbound ones. But both pairs of platforms have level access between the platforms. So if you came up from Morden and wanted to go to say Tottenham Court Road, you’d just walk across to the Charing Cross branch, if you were on a train going via Bank.

When the Northern Line Extension opens, this will probably mean that there is cross-platform access from the extension to the Bank branch.

It would certainly seem that when the station was substantially rebuilt in 1926, that whoever redesigned the station had the foresight (luck?) to design a station that could be easily linked to a branch to Battersea and Clapham Junction.

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Which Idiot Obscured The Clock?

I was in St. Pancras recently and someone has put pointless stained glass in front of the clock.

Which Idiot Obscured The Clock?

Which Idiot Obscured The Clock?

I suppose it’s art, but for those of us who don’t wear watches it’s a big annoyance.

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Some More Self Winding Clocks

I first found two of these at Tooting Bec some years ago.

Golders Green station has a pair, which appear to be in good condition.

I wonder how many are still installed and in full working order. According to this section in the Wikipedia article on the Self Winding Clock Company, there were originally 600 and installation started in the 1900s.

Long may they continue to give passengers the time!

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If You Want To Know The Time Get On A Bus

I was on three big red taxis today and they’ve had a software upgrade on the information display.

I haven’t noticed the time before, but I was away Tuesday and Wednesday and only took one bus yesterday.

Since I created this post, I’ve been on about six or so buses.  All were showing the time! Even a very elderly example! I did see a New Bus for London pass and it looked like this was showing the time as well.

It will be interesting to see the indirect effects of this technology change!

Will people be on time more, as they should spot they are late, even when they’ve left their watch at home?

Will it cut watch thefts, as people might wear them less on public transport?

Will there be a clamour for more clocks on the Underground, the Overground and trains?

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