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Comings and Goings at Ely

To get the train to Scunthorpe via Peterborough on Saturday, I got to Ely just before nine in the morning and I was totally surprised at how busy the station was. 

There were passenger trains going to Stansted, Kings Lynn and London. 

Trains to All Points at Ely


The town will get more important if and when Thameslink opens to Kings Lynn. 

The freight importance of the station was also emphasised, as a very long train passed through from Felixstowe to Peterborough and the Midlands and the North. 

Lots of Boxes at Ely


There will be lots of changes in the next few years at Ely, what with Thameslink, freight and perhaps many more trains to Norwich and Ipswich. In the case of the latter, there could be substantial passenger improvements following on from the capacity upgrade for freight, with perhaps a new station at Soham

Ely lives in interesting times.

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