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Feltham Depot – 13th October 2020 » Feltham Depot – 13th October 2020

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  1. Good to see this vast area of land finally returning to railway use.

    I suspect the depot’s construction will have removed the remains of an interesting early reinforced concrete footbridge, which were dumped decades ago next to the running lines. The LSWR, which built the old Feltham loco shed and marshalling yard, was an early adopter of concrete, including reinforced concrete, at a time when many British civil engineers were still very wary of the material.

    The little staff FB at Feltham and one built in 1909 at Sheath Lane, Oxshott (the oldest surviving RC FB over a railway in Britain), were the ancestors of William Hamilton Shortt’s ingenious and long-lived 1923 SR standard concrete bridge. The latter deserves recognition as a pioneering use of precast, modular concrete construction techniques in Britain. Variants were still being put up in the 1960s.

    Comment by Stephen Spark | October 16, 2020 | Reply

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