The Anonymous Widower

The London Cablet

I took these pictures outside Carluccio’s in Smithfield.

It is called the London Cablet.

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Network Rail Teams Up With Local Council To Bring Happy Street To Battersea

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Rail Advent.

This is the first paragraph.

Network Rail has announced it has worked in partnership with Wandsworth Council to spread some joy in the Nine Elms area of Battersea with a stunning makeover of the Thessaly Road railway bridge.

These are some pictures I took last Sunday.

It’s certainly not dull!


We need more happy streets! And bridges!

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The Painted Hall At Greenwich

The Painted Hall at Greenwich is now fully restored.

I went on Saturday and these are some of the pictures I took.

We had an excellent guide, who explained the imagery of the painting.

Much of it is aimed against the French and today, it can almost be considered to have a Brexit theme.

So has this philosophy about Europe and mainly the French been passed down the generations from the time of William and Mary?

The older I get, the more I realise that some of my personal philosophy on how I live and treat others has a Jewish slant.

Has it all come down from my sole Jewish ancestor, who arrived in this country from the Baltic in around 1800?



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Chihuly At Kew Gardens

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Up For Grabs: Rene’s Fallen Madonna With The Big…

The title of this post, is the same as that of a short humorous article in today’s Times.

It’s the prop for that running gag in ‘Allo ‘Allo!

The picture, has turned up for auction in Bristol.

Who was it who said, he who laughs last, laughs loudest?

Will we be expecting a repeat on BBC2?

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Banksy At The Barbican

These pictures show Banksy’s new art at the Barbican.

As it’s in a tunnel, that is probably owned by the City of London Corporation, I doubt it will be removed or stolen.

Is Banksy going upmarket choosing underneath the Barbican?

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A Good Day Out In A Wheelchair

I have a friend, who is not the best on her feet. As she was in London on business and wanted to see Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain and I have a Membership at the Tate, which allows me to take a guest into any of the exhibitions at any time, I took her to see the pictures.

We arrived at Tate Britain in a taxi at the side entrance and in the entrance one of the staff indicated we could use the wheelchair in the entrance hall.

Judging by the number of similar chairs, I saw, it wasn’t the only one, but possibly the last one yesterday at that time.

So I pushed my friend around the exhibition, which because it was timed entry, although not for Members, wasn’t that busy.

I’d never pushed a good wheelchair before and it was surprisingly easy.

But what surprised me, was the helpfulness of Tate staff, who a couple of times cleared a way through the crowds, so I could push my friend through.

We were even able to use the Members Room, where I got another surprise. They now do gluten-free sandwiches and egg was on the menu! So I indulged!

At the end of the visit, we walked to the front of the Tate, where there were at least four waiting taxis, one of which took us to my friend’s hotel.

By the end of the day, the designer in me, was saying that had all been well thought out.

I wonder if other museums and galleries are so disabled-friendly.

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Eduardo Paolozzi At Tottenham Court Road Tube Station

Eduardo Paolozzi‘s mosaics are now back in Tottenham Court Road tube station.

This article on Global Rail News describes how they were installed.

It’s a pity, that there are not more to cover the new white walls, which are there because the station has been expanded for Crossrail.

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Summoned By Bells

When I saw the pictures of the new bells for Southwark Cathedral, I just had to go and have a look.

It was just as well I did, as after the dedication yesterday, they will not be on view, but hanging in the belfry.

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The Bridges Of Walthamstow

I have been meaning for some time to walk the route of the Gospel Oak to Barking Line (GOBlin) between Walthamstow Central station in Selborne Road to Blackhorse Road station.

But now the line is closed for electrification work, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do it, taking photographs as I walked.

To cross all the bridges, I was constantly doubling back on myself, using a route of.

  • West on Selborne Road.
  • Right onto Vernon Road
  • Left onto Walthamstow High Street
  • Right onto Palmerston Road
  • Left onto Northcote Road
  • Right onto Pretoria Avenue
  • Right onto Warner Road and back to Northcote Road
  • Left onto Palmerston Road
  • Left onto Walpole Road, Suffolk Park Road and The Links
  • Right onto Pretoria Road
  • Left onto Forest Road

After a short detour to look at the bridge on Blackhorse Road, I arrived at the station, where I took a bus alongside of the GOBlin to Tottenham Hale station.

This Google Map shows Walthamstow Central and Blackhorse Road stations, and the portion of the GOBlin in the area.

The Bridges Of Walthamstow

The Bridges Of Walthamstow

Note in both the photographs and the map.

  • There are eleven bridges including those at Blackhorse Road and Selborne Road.
  • Most seem to be in good condition, with Palmerston Road having been recently replaced and others looking as if they have been thoroughly refurbished.
  • Only Suffolk Park Road and Stoneydown Avenue Bridges have restrictions on access.
  • It would appear that the track going towards Blackhorse Road has been lifted and laying of new track has started at that end.
  • There does appear to be some new sheet piling to stabilise the cutting.
  • There is ample space on both sides of this section of the line to erect the masts and gantries for the overhead wires.
  • I wonder what William Morris would think of the bridge designs.
  • I can’t find any information on whether more work needs to be done on the bridge at Suffolk Park Road, except a mention of new public art from 2015.

So in this section at least, it doesn’t appear that there’ll be much problem putting up the overhead wires for the electrification.

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