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Shooting The Messenger

This article on the BBC is entitled White House bans certain news media from briefing. This is said.

The White House has barred several major broadcasters and newspapers from attending an informal press briefing.

The BBC, CNN, the New York Times and others were excluded from an audience with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, with no reason given.

If you don’t like the messenger, perhaps they’ve not the problem, but what the message might be.

Recent stories on the BBC web site include.

  • Mexico Warns US Over Border Wall Funding
  • India Shocked Over US Bar Shooting
  • Trump Aid Pressed FBI On Russia Reports
  • Caithlyn Jenner To Donald Trump “Call Me!”

But those who voted for Trump think he’s right.

Supporters thought that about Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi and Hitler.

Politicians should be wary of being selective with the messages they will accept.

Especially, when you consider that many English speakers throughout the world, get their American world news as it effects them from the BBC  or CNN and not from Trump TV!

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What Are They Doing With Auntie?

I took these pictures around the old BBC Television Centre in White City.

Everybody must have their favourite image of the site from years ago.

I particularly remember an episode of Michael Bentine‘s It’s A Square World, where they flooded the building, using some superb special effects and lots of real water. I think that section started with Bentine interviewing Jack Hawkins and talking about making wartime naval dramas, with a big screen showing the sea, which then burst out of the screen. According to Wikipedia, he also sent the building into space.

But then Bentine was a unique comic genius.

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Tim Vickery On The Rio Olympics

I’ve just listened on Radio 5 Live to Tim Vickery, a Rio-based English football journalist on why the Olympic venues are so empty.

He puts it mainly down to the fact that Brazilians only are really interested, when one of their athletes has a chance of winning.

He also says that, the events are for Portuguese speaking people and everything is not very well-organised.

If you can catch it, it is definitely a must-listen.

After what he said, I’m glad I took the decision of not going.

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Scotland’s Weather

Carol Kirkwood, the BBC’s Scottish weatherwoman with the large wardrobe of dresses, has just given statistics to show that Scotland is having a very wet summer.

It’s funny that the weather should get worse, after the General Election, where so many Scots voted for a party that believes in total independence.

If they do leave the UK, I hope they take all that wet weather with them.

It looks like she has made her decision, as I think Carol lives somewhere in the South of England. But then she has access to all the data!

Perhaps, now is the time, for people like me, who don’t particularly like hot weather, to take a holiday North of the Border.


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Is The BBC Dropping Its Dress Standards?

I clipped this picture of sports reporter, Sally Nugent on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Sally Nugent On BBC Breakfast

Sally Nugent On BBC Breakfast

I couldn’t quite get a picture that showed the striped shorts fully.

Why not?

After all recently, in an article on a swimming pool, the presenter (male!) was persuaded to strip off and do a report from the water.

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BBC Weather Gets It Right

The BBC weather forecast yesterday was saying today that Prague would have a wet and thundery afternoon.

So I booked myself out of Prague on the 14:30.

And guess what? It’s raining!

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Choose Your Clothes With Care

This picture captured from BBC Breakfast, illustrates that presenters and guests should be careful how they choose what to wear.

Colours On The BBC Breakfast Sofa

Colours On The BBC Breakfast Sofa

Perhaps it’s time that the BBC got a new set without a red sofa.

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Confusion Over The Weather

This morning, the BBC ought to get its messages on the weather consistent.

Their headline is that there will be high pollution levels in the South East, which they illustrate with pictures of London.

But the weather babe on BBC London hasn’t mentioned the pollution, despite her forecast covering a lot of the South East.

And then the two presenters have just said it’s going to be a lovely day out there today.

It’s all confusing and I’ll ignore the lot of it and use my Mark One eyeballs.

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How They Dug The Victoria Line

I found this documentary from 1969 on the BBC iPlayer

For those who enjoyed the BBC documentary about Crossrail, this is one they did earlier.

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Ultimate Low Flying

Some pilots consider flying low an ultimate thrill.

So look at this report on the BBC web site.

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