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Imams Refuse Funeral Prayers To ‘Indefensible’ London Bridge Attackers

This is the title on this article in the Guardian.

This is said.

More than 130 imams and Muslim religious leaders have said they will refuse to say funeral prayers for the perpetrators of Saturday’s attack in London.

In a highly unusual move, Muslim religious figures from across the country and from different schools of Islam said their pain at the suffering of the victims and their families led them to refuse to perform the traditional Islamic prayer – a ritual normally performed for every Muslim regardless of their actions. They called on others to do the same.

Obviously, the last crop of attackers can’t do anything more to us, but will a sanction like this make it more likely other attackers will strike?

I’m not against imams and Muslim religious leaders coming to their own decision, as this is still a free country, but I also think ot’s something the government should stay clear of.

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Comedy Is Universal

‘Allo ‘Allo! was shown in many countries around the world.

With the sad death of one of the show’s stars; Gordon Kaye, today, I typed his name in quotes into Google.

I found entries from all over the world. But a lot more than I would have expected.

It just shows the universal reach of comedy.

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Why All The Hypocrisy About The Deaths Of George Michael And Carrie Fisher?

Not one celebrity has raised the questionable   lifestyle of these two stars.

On BBC Breakfast this morning they are highlighting a story that eighty percent of us are overweight.

You only have one chance of life and good health!

So don’t do anything to comproimise it!

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When Will The United States Realise That Guns Kill People?

On the wall of my office, there used to be a picture of my wife presenting a racing trophy to a racehorse trainer.

Both are now dead.

We fight cancer with common sense and all the tools that science has given us.

Isn’t it about time, that common sense is applied to the problem of guns in the United States and other countries where they are responsible for a high murder rate?

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Death Of A Friend

One of my best friends has just died.

Over the last few months, information has been very short and all their friends were scrambling round for any news.

As someone, who was rejected by the devil and then she left me to cause more mayhem, this has convinced me, that I’ll blog to the bitter end. When I can no longer type, I’ll use the last of my money to hire the prettiest young lady to take dictation.

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A Road Death Database

The BBC has put together a database of all road deaths in the UK from 1999 to 2010.

I have looked at some areas and you can draw some interesting conclusions.

If I look at a typical London Borough like Hackney, the number of deaths is generally between 70 and 90. But some rural areas, despite less population have figures well over a hundred.

And then there’s the Oxford and Cambridge effect.  Oxford has 34 deaths and Cambridge has just 16. Both these cities have extensive Park and Ride networks, good bus services and bikes are used quite a bit. But then Ipswich and Norwich also have low figures, but Colchester, Milton Keynes and Peterborough are higher.

So does a decent public transport network cut road deaths, as the drunks and the bad drivers are on the buses rather than in their cars?

If you look at the big northern cities like Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle, the figures would appear to be similar, but Newcastle is a lot less. Why?

Only by a serious analysis can we tell what is the reason!

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Violence In The Middle East

David Aaronovitch in his piece in The Times today entitled, Moderate Muslims – It’s Time To Be Outraged, makes some very good points.

But this fact is telling.

In the Israel-Palestine conflict 10,000 have been killed in the past 25 years, compared to 100,000 in Syria in just three.

All are one too many!

But where are the moderate Muslims trying to sort this violent mess out?

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Farewell To Christopher Chataway

Sir Christopher Chataway was one of my heroes and he has been mentioned regularly in this blog.

But now he has died and I suspect the world will be a duller place.

I can still see the pictures of him in white defeating Vladimir Kuts at the White City. This is the BBC’s description of the feat.

His career in international athletics lasted only five years with the pinnacle being in 1954 when he set a new 5,000m world record of 13 minutes 51.6 seconds in a televised race at White City.

Chataway beat Russia’s Vladimir Kuts by 0.1 secs – the man who he had finished second behind in the 5,000m European Championships final two weeks earlier.

He might not have been a great athlete, but he was one of those rarer beings; a great all round talent.

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The Other Side Of Hollande’s Troubles

The letter writers in The Times have been telling tales of President Felix Faure and his mistress Marguerite Steinheil. His death is described here in Wikipedia, with this being the first part.

Faure died suddenly from apoplexy in the Élysée Palace on 16 February 1899, at a critical juncture while engaged in sexual activities in his office with 30-year-old Marguerite Steinheil. It has been widely reported that Felix Faure had his fatal seizure while Steinheil was fellating him.

Read the whole section, as there are a lot of good jokes about pompe funebres.

Today’s episode in The Times, is from John Julius Norwich, no less!

It described how Steinheil was feted by admirers after being accused of murdering her stepmother and husband. it also disclosed how he met the femme fatale.

Francoise Hollande has a lot to do, to leave the same note in history as President Faure.

Perhaps, they’ll give his name to a Metro station, as they did for Felix Faure.

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Ronnie Biggs

His death is definitely not news!

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