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Overdoses Kill As Many As Vietnam

This is the headline on an article in The Times.

This is the first paragraph.

The US suffered its largest ever increase in drug overdose deaths last year, with as many Americans dying because of illegal drugs as were killed in the entire Vietnam War.

59,200 Americans died in the twenty years of the Vietnam War.

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Trump Launches Stinging Attack On Media

This is the headline on a post on an article on the BBC.

Perhaps, I’m wrong, but I always thought that any successful politician needed the media on their side.

Or is it different across the pond?

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That is my one word response to this article on the BBC, which is entitled Michael Flynn resignation: He had to go, says White House.

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Trump’s Executive Order: Amateur Hour At The White House?

The title of this post is the title of this article on the BBC.

The article compares President Bush’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina, with Trumkopf’s immigration executive order.

It says this.

History will judge the long-term impact of Mr Trump’s Friday afternoon immigration order, but his early praise for its implementation will not easily be forgotten.

I don’t think we’ll even need to wait until the history is long enough to judge.

I suspect the BBC article will be denounced as fake news.

But I do wonder, if his immigration policy will be good for the nice holiday places to visit in the rest of the world.

If say, you were thinking of going to Florida for a holiday, will you now be thinking about Greece or Spain?


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How Do You Get Round This One, Donald?

This article from Global Rail News is entitled Request for California high-speed train parts to be exempt from domestic content rules.

This is said.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) has requested several key components of its trains be exempt from the USA’s strict local content requirements because there is nowhere in the country that can currently manufacture them.

So what parts are involved?

It appears to be body shells, braking systems and bogies.

Aren’t they fairly crucial?


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What Would Happen If Trump Made It To The White House?

The Times yesterday tried to answer this question in an analysis.


  • Donald Trump has changed parties five times.
  • He  would be the first commander-in-chief with no experience in office or at the top of the military.
  • He says he’s his own best adviser on foreign policy.
  • He as campaigned as the ultimate political outsider.

Day 1

  • He has vowed to erase the Obama presidency.
  • He would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.
  • He would suspend a scheme that brings Syrian refugees to the US.
  • He could task officials with drafting trade cases against China.
  • He would go to a terrific inauguration ball.

The First 100 Days

  • He would drain the Washington sump.
  • He could restrict White House officials becoming corporate lobbyists  after leaving.
  • He could introduce term limits for members of Congress.
  • He could cancel all payments to the UN climate change programme.
  • He would begin interviewing candidates for the upreme Court, a decision, that could shape issues like abortion and gun control for thirty years.
  • He has said he would give top jobs to generals.
  • He will face resistance in Congress.
  • The wall with Mexico will be designed.
  • An immigration ban on some countries would be in place.
  • Plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act would be in place.


A lot more is said on the wall, taxes, Syria, NATO, trade, Obamacare and immigration.

Read the article!


I doubt, I’ll ever go anywhere near the United States again.

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When Will The United States Realise That Guns Kill People?

On the wall of my office, there used to be a picture of my wife presenting a racing trophy to a racehorse trainer.

Both are now dead.

We fight cancer with common sense and all the tools that science has given us.

Isn’t it about time, that common sense is applied to the problem of guns in the United States and other countries where they are responsible for a high murder rate?

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America Is A Sick Country

There is no other title for a post about this story on the BBC entitled Gun that killed Trayvon Martin ‘makes $250,000 for Zimmerman’.

In my view anybody who wants to own a gun other than for genuine sporting purposes, needs his head examined.

Until the United States has a sensible gun policy and abolishes the death penalty, I shall not be visiting.

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I’ve Just Heard The Most Crass Solution To Mass Shootings In The United States

After the shootings in Oregon yesterday, as reported on the BBC, the BBC has just had a pastor from the area on the phone.

You’d think as a religious leader, he would have advocated something fairly sane, but he said that the answer to these school shootings, is to allow the other students to carry guns, so they could shoot an attacker.

With people like that in the States, I doubt they’ll ever solve their problem of mass shootings, until everybody has been shot dead.

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A Lady In The Wrong Job

I know she was elected, but this report on the BBC, surely says that she shouldn’t have stood for the post if things she would have to do were against her religious beliefs.

There must be other jobs, where religious or other beliefs mean you should not be appointed.

Suppose a doctor believed that homoeopathy had the cure for everything, they would not make the World’s best GP, unless all the patients, they saw were fellow believers.

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