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Piccadilly Circus Has Gone Dark

Pictures like these of Piccadilly Circus will be all over the media for a couple of days.

It’s only so that the screens can be replaced with ones that are bigger and better.

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A Confused 38 Bus

This bus is confused!

Is it a bus or a coach?

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Is Wi-Fi Becoming A Curse?

I usually only switch wi-fi on when I need it, on my Samsung phone. And when I don’t, I switch it off immediately.

Yesterday, I forgot to switch it off and this morning as the bus went through the Angel, the phone had switched itself to an O2 advert and it was trying to get me to install fourteen copies of updated apps.

I immediately, switched wi-fi off and didn’t install any updated apps, as in fact, I only use one app and that never seems to update itself.

How many people just update all the apps, they’re asked to do and inadvertently load a piece of malware, that empties their bank account?

Remember, it is in your phone service provider’s interest that you keep updating, as this generally increases your bill.

I also have no financial details on my mobile phone. Anybody who does, deserves to lose all their money!




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Do On-Line Advertisers Waste Their Money?

I monitor my INR using a Coagguchek device. And very good it is too!

But how many times a week do I get an on-line advert for the device? I’ve not counted, but it must be many.

Why does on-line advertising, preach to the converted?

Google needs a better algorithm!

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Is A Rat A New Make Of Car?

I took this picture at Hillsborough yesterday.

Is A Rat A New Make Of Car?

Is A Rat A New Make Of Car?

I would assume that Burrows is a car dealership.

When I first read the one with a red background, the car make looked like a Rat.

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Another Reason To Hate Heathrow Express

I just received this advert for Heathrow Express, whilst looking at an article in the Belfast Telegraph.

Annoying Heathrow Express Advert

Annoying Heathrow Express Advert

What use is this offer to me, as no-one ever wants to travel with me?

So I will now never use the incredibly overpriced Heathrow Express!

In fact, I doubt, I’ll use Heathrow much until Crossrail opens.

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Is This Tube Advert Going To Upset Nicola?

I saw this advert on a Metropolitan Line tube train today.

Is This Tube Advert Going To Upset Nicola?

Is This Tube Advert Going To Upset Nicola?

Are some Scots, going to dislike the advert?

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Wot No Adverts!

I took this picture at Kings Cross station.

Wot No Adverts!

Wot No Adverts!

It was a surprise and probably to be welcomed in some ways.

However, although I don’t like advertising, unless it is informative about a new film or play, say, I did miss something to read, as I went up the escalator.

Now that these adverts are often screens, I’m surprised that no-one has developed an art installation using them.

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Are Adverts Pointless?

I’m just watching the Tour de France on ITV4, as I put together the next couple of IKEA cabinets for my kitchen.

The adverts are completely aimed at the wrong person.

1. There has been two different companies trying to sell me Funeral Insurance. Why would I want a funeral and anyway, I won’t be going or remember it. We should just post our bodies to the nearest hospital for dissection practice or a pet food factory to do something useful.

2. There are also adverts for Skoda cars. I don’t drive and have no interest in the sort of boring cars bought by plebs. Or in any car forv that matter unless it doesn’t pollute my walking space.

3. Santander Bank. Only idiots, bank with Head Offices in other countries. Remember Iceland and Scotland!

4. Petplan, Pets are for the lonely and conservative.

5. Loans. I don’t need to borrow money.

6. Car Insurance.  See point 2.

7. Barbecues. I hate them!

When somebody invents a television that doesn’t show adverts or trailers in live television, I’ll buy one.

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A Surreal Experience

I have just come back from Walthamstow on a Victoria line train. I actually sat in the empty front carriage opposite to the big window. When the train stopped at I think, Seven Sisters, I became aware that eyes were watching me. Only then did I realise that the train had stopped, so that the four puppies in an advert on the station wall stared in through the window.

What are the chances of that happening?

I had to get the Victoria Line a day later, so I thought, I’d find the puppies! It wasn’t Seven Sisters, but Tottenham Hale.

Could this advert start a whole new trend, where some of the large wall adverts in stations are arranged so that the message is aligned with the window?

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