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Close-Up: New Scour Protection Solution That Has Potential To Cut Costs By 70 Pct Inspired By Turtles

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At the beginning of May, Balmoral presented a scour protection solution that could replace rock dumping and is set to potentially cut costs by up to 70 per cent when compared to this conventional method. In an interview with, the company revealed that the initial concept behind its new HexDefence system was aimed at a solution for the oil and gas industry but was further developed with the offshore wind industry in mind and that its design was inspired by – turtles.

These first two paragraphs outline HexDefence.

As reported last month, the Scotland-based engineering company introduced HexDefence saying the solution could drastically reduce scour phenomena around fixed offshore wind turbines that cause seabed erosion and a reduction in foundation strength and stiffness.

The structure provides a non-invasive approach to protecting the monopile and the immediate surrounding area and eliminates the need for rock installation which can cost up to 70 per cent more when compared to this new solution, according to Balmoral.

HexDefence has its own section of the Balmoral web site.

In my long career, I have dealt with a lot of fluid flow and I like what Balmoral are doing.


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eDNA Pilot Study Completed At World’s First Floating Offshore Wind Farm

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Equinor and Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) have completed a pilot study using environmental DNA (eDNA) to monitor the biodiversity and abundance of marine life in waters around the 30 MW Hywind Scotland floating offshore wind farm.

This is the first paragraph.

Equinor and Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) have completed a pilot study using environmental DNA (eDNA) to monitor the biodiversity and abundance of marine life in waters around the 30 MW Hywind Scotland floating offshore wind farm.

And this paragraph outlines methodology and objectives of  the study.

By analysing the eDNA content in water samples, Equinor and NORCE were able to measure the biodiversity of fish species in the water surrounding Hywind Scotland. This pilot study was conducted to learn more about the potential effects that floating offshore wind farms may have on marine habitats.

The research identified 26 fish species and a harbour porpoise in the area.

According to the article, an often used method to analyse fish species is to trawl and analyse.

Surely, just to collect the eDNA from the water, is a method, that has the least effect on the fish, any porpoises and the environment.

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Industry Calls For 10 GW Of Offshore Hydrogen In German National H2 Strategy

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Offshore wind and hydrogen developers and organisations in Germany have called on the federal government to set clear targets for offshore hydrogen in the update of the country’s National Hydrogen Strategy, with an additional 10 GW of offshore electrolysis capacity to be added by 2035.

These two paragraphs add detail the story and name those who are behind it.

On 26 May, several companies and industry organisations signed an appeal sent to the German Federal Government that highlights offshore hydrogen’s advantage of adding large-scale capacities and asks that a target of an additional 10 GW of offshore hydrogen by 2035 be added to both the country’s hydrogen strategy and the area development plan.

The parties that signed the appeal include the German offshore wind-to-hydrogen initiative AquaVentus, offshore wind and hydrogen players BP, Siemens Gamesa, Gasunie, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), EnBW, Equinor, and Lhyfe, as well as industry organisations WAB and the Federal Association of Offshore Wind Farm Operators (BWO), among others.

These two paragraphs describe an area to be developed for the first offshore hydrogen production.

As reported in January, in the country’s new area development plan for offshore wind, Germany’s Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) also outlined the first offshore hydrogen area in the North Sea.

The area, SEN-1, spans over 100 square kilometres in the North Sea and will allow for an electrolysis capacity of up to 1 GW to be tested and connected with a hydrogen pipeline.


  1. 1 GW if electricity should create about 435 tonnes of hydrogen per day.
  2. That amount of hydrogen could be stored as liquid in a sphere with a radius of 11.35 metres.

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BlueFloat, Renantis Ink Exclusivity Agreements For Scottish Floaters

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The BlueFloat Energy and Renantis partnership has signed exclusivity agreements with Crown Estate Scotland to develop its Sinclair and Scaraben innovation projects which will now be part of a phased delivery of the partnership’s Broadshore project

This is the first two paragraphs.

The two 99.5 MW floating offshore wind farms will now be developed as part of a phased delivery of the partnership’s Broadshore project, located 47 kilometres north of Fraserburgh.

Sinclair and Scaraben will explore innovative foundation technologies, associated fabrication works, and mooring systems with a view to maximise opportunities for the Scottish supply chain, driving local investment and job creation, said the partners.

This would seem to be very sensible for manufacturing and project management reasons.



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Dutch Stop Offshore Wind Turbines To Protect Migratory Birds In ‘International First’

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The wind turbines at Borssele and Egmond aan Zee offshore wind farms were stopped for four hours on 13 May, to help migrating birds pass by safely.

These three paragraphs outline the measures taken to protect the migrating birds.

According to the Dutch Government, this is the first time such a measure has been applied and is in line with the approach of the government and participating companies to increasingly focus on ecology and biodiversity in offshore wind farms.

The wind turbines’ speed will be reduced to a maximum of two rotations per minute during the predicted night-time peak migration to give the birds a safe passage.

The shutdown was part of a pilot phase, which could become standard this autumn and will also include wind farms that are still being built or will be constructed in the future.

I wonder how this Dutch action fits with research from Vattenfall, that I wrote about in Unique Study: Birds Avoid Wind Turbine Blades.

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Vattenfall: Dolphins Unfazed By Offshore Wind Construction Work

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Concerns have been raised that the installation of the monopiles of the Vesterhav North wind farm offshore Denmark could cause a small pod of dolphins to leave the area. The dolphins have, however, neither left the area nor have they changed their behaviour, Vattenfall, the owner and developer of the wind farm, said.

These are the first two paragraphs.

In 2020, wildlife and underwater photographer Lars Mikkelsen discovered a pod of seven Common Bottlenose dolphins during a sailing trip in the canal between the North Sea and the Limfjord at the Danish coastal town of Thyborøn. Since then, Mikkelsen has been closely following the dolphins that are rare guests in the seas around Denmark.

The small pod of dolphins has for the past three years established residence in the area of the Danish part of the North Sea where Vattenfall is constructing its Vesterhav offshore wind farms.

This Google Map shows the Limfjord, which stretches between the North Sea and the Kattegat.

Thyborøn, is at the Western entrance to the Limfjord, which leads into the large area of water in the South-West of the map.

From its Wikipedia entry, the Limfjord seems to be an ecologically-interesting place.

This paragraph sums up how the construction affected the dolphins.

So, when concerns were raised that the installation of the wind farm’s monopiles could cause the dolphins to leave the area, Vattenfall initiated a collaborative monitoring effort. Fortunately, it showed that the dolphins were still present and have not changed behaviour after completion of the monopile installation.


  1. Vattenfall did adopt measures to mitigate the noise, as is detailed in the article.
  2. A university also took a series of measurements.

But the exercise does show it is possible to install offshore wind farms without disturbing the inhabitants.

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Ireland Awards 3.1 GW Offshore Wind Capacity In First ORESS 1 Auction

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This is the sub-heading.

Ireland has selected four projects with a combined capacity of nearly 3,100 MW in the first offshore wind auction under the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (ORESS 1).

The four wind farms are.

  1. The 1,300 MW Codling Wind Park owned and developed by a 50/50 joint venture of Fred Olsen Seawind and EDF Renewables.
  2. The 824 MW Dublin Array owned and developed by RWE.
  3. The 500 MW North Irish Sea Array (NISA), owned and developed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and Statkraft.
  4. The 450 MW Sceirde Rocks wind farm owned and developed by Fuinneamh Sceirde Teoranta (FST), a joint venture owned by Corio Generation, a portfolio company of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, and global infrastructure investor, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.


  1. That makes a total of 3074 MW.
  2. All wind farms already have web sites.
  3. Looking at the web sites, it appears all wind farms will have fixed foundations and some seem to be located on convenient sandbanks.
  4. This is equivalent to over a third of Ireland’s entire electricity consumption this year and over a quarter of projected 2030 electricity demand.
  5. This  article on, which is entitled Fred. Olsen Seawind And EDF Renewables Win Big Offshore Ireland, gives more details of the first wind farm.
  6. This  article on, which is entitled 500 MW for Statkraft And CIP In First Irish Offshore Wind Auction, gives more details of the third wind farm.
  7. Given SSE’s large presence in Ireland, I’m surprised they didn’t obtain a lease.

The auction results appear to have surpassed the expectations of the Irish government.





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Electron Beam Welded Foundation To Debut At Dogger Bank In Late 2023

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A collaboration between SSE Renewables, Sif Group, Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE), and TWI, has resulted in the first-ever electron beam welded section to be incorporated in an offshore wind turbine monopile foundation.

This is the first paragraph.

The resulting can was incorporated into a monopile transition piece in January 2023 and is scheduled to be installed offshore as part of a foundation in the second phase of Dogger Bank Wind Farm, located more than 130 kilometres off the Northeast coast of England, in late 2023.

And this paragraph details the advantages.

The technology – developed by CVE – has been shown to weld monopiles at least 25 times faster than current methods, whilst using 90 per cent less energy, costing 88 per cent less, and producing 97 per cent less CO2 emissions than SAW methods, the partners said.

Everybody thinks of biotech and electronics, when they think of Cambridge, but this is two Cambridge companies; Cambridge Vacuum Engineering (CVE) and The Welding Institute (TWI) innovating at the heaviest end of mechanical engineering.


  1. Cambridge Vacuum Engineering has a comprehensive web site.
  2. The technology is called Ebflow and is described on this web page.
  3. The Welding Institute has a comprehensive web site.

When I lived near Cambridge, I used to play real tennis at the Cambridge University Real Tennis Club. One of the guys I played against was a cousin of JRR Tolkien and he sold vacuum engineering machines to the world. He had some fascinating tales about dealing with the Russians, where signed copies of his cousin’s books made excellent bribes.


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Irish ESB Joins Northland Power On Two Scottish Offshore Wind Projects

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ESB will acquire a 24.5 per cent interest in Northland Power’s ScotWind projects, the fixed-bottom offshore wind farm Spiorad na Mara and the floating wind project Havbredey. Northland will retain 75.5 per cent in each project and continue to lead their development, construction, and operation

This is the first paragraph.

The companies have signed definitive agreements on ESB’s purchase of project stakes, with all commitments made prior to the agreements to remain in place.

Last month, I wrote ESB Invests In Floating Offshore Wind Mooring Tech. so are they in acquisitive mode?

This map from Cross Estate Scotland shows all the ScotWind contracts.

ESB now lrasr the following stakes in ScotWind.

Their details are as follows.

  • 14 – Havbredey – Floating – 1500 MW – 25 %
  • 16 – Spiorad na Mara – Fixed – 840 MW – 25 %
  • 20 – Unnamed – Floating – 500 MW – 100 %

These figures mean they lease about a GW.

I have my thoughts.

Will There Be A Multi-Purpose Interconnector between Ireland And Scotland?

Nothing has been mentioned yet, but could new wind farms om the future to the West of the Hebrides be connected to both the North of Scotland and the North of Ireland by a multi-purpose interconnector?

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Ireland To Develop National Industrial Strategy For Offshore Wind

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This is the sub-heading.

Ireland’s Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney, has announced plans to develop a National Industrial Strategy for Offshore Wind which will set out how Ireland can maximise the economic opportunity arising from the production of offshore wind energy

Ireland’s current objectives for offshore wind are.

  1. To deliver 5 GW of offshore wind by 2030.
  2. A further 2 GW of floating wind to be in development by 2030.
  3. The target for offshore wind could rise to at least 37 GW by 2050.
  4. There is a target to provide 80 per cent of the country’s electricity to be from renewable sources by 2030.

The government appears to recognise collaborative approach between state and industry is needed.

Nothing is said about co-operation with Northern Ireland or the UK.

This is despite.

  • UK and Irish companies like ESB, Flotation Energy, Simply Blue Group and SSE have projects in both countries.
  • Irish company; ESB is developing the Malin Sea Wind wind farm in Scottish waters and landing the electricity near Derry City.
  • Scottish company; SSE is building biomass power stations in Ireland.
  • Some promising waters for wind power are shared between the two countries.
  • There are three interconnectors between the two main islands.

I would expect that there could be some multi-purpose interconnectors across the Irish and Celtic Seas.

These would connect windfarms between the islands to both the UK and Ireland. National Grid and TenneT are building the LionLink between England and The Netherlands, which I wrote about in World’s Largest-Of-Its-Kind Power Line To Deliver Clean Power To 1.8m UK Homes And Boost Energy Security.

I very much feel, that there will be a lot of co-operation between the UK and Irish governments as if they work together, the development of Ireland’s offshore wind and that of the West Coast of the UK could be more efficient.


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