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Thank Goodness Strictly’s Back

India Knight finishes her article in news section of The Sunday Times with the title of this post.

She contrasts it with all the gloomy news and says that it starts the run-up to Christmas.

I agree with her, as it can be a very uplifting piece of froth!

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What Are They Doing With Auntie?

I took these pictures around the old BBC Television Centre in White City.

Everybody must have their favourite image of the site from years ago.

I particularly remember an episode of Michael Bentine‘s It’s A Square World, where they flooded the building, using some superb special effects and lots of real water. I think that section started with Bentine interviewing Jack Hawkins and talking about making wartime naval dramas, with a big screen showing the sea, which then burst out of the screen. According to Wikipedia, he also sent the building into space.

But then Bentine was a unique comic genius.

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Farewell To BT Vision

I have not got rid of BT Vision and if I want to watch football that is shown on BT, I now watch it on Sky.

To say I’m pleased to be rid of BT Vision is an understatement.

  • BT don’t seem to have any logical channel numbering, unlike Sky and Freeview and I could never remember where something would be shown.
  • Often I had to resort to going through the channels one at a time, until I found what I wanted.
  • Sky is logical, as all the Sports channels seem to be together and if I want an event, I can easily find what I want, stating from 405 or so.
  • Regularly, I don’t watch a match, but listen to it on Radio 5. BT has this annoying habit of changing to a screen of programs that I might watch, if I had an IQ of about 12.
  • Sky just gives me information with a useful clock.

Whoever, designed their system should be sent to manage the satellite station on St. Kilda.

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The Battles Of Coronel And The Falkland Islands

Thebattles of Coronel and the Falkland Islamds were fought between the Royal and German Navies in the First World War. In 1927 a silent black and white drama/documentary was made telling the story of both battles called the Battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands.

The British Film Institute have restored the film and on Friday, I went to see it at BFI Southbank.

It is a superb restoration to which has been  added a modern score. Usually, when films of this age are restored you see the odd bit of blankness on the screen. But not with this film!

The film is also unusual in that no actors are given any credits, but the Royal Navy ships, who played the actual combatants in both navies are named.

It is a serious reconstruction of the battles, but it is not without dramatic and comic moments.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it reminded me of when at about eleven or so, I saw the Powell and Pressburger film; The Battle of the River Plate, made about the battle in December 1939. I had seen the film in the Rex cinema in Station Road, Wood Green, which was close to my father’s print works.

It would be interesting to see that again to compare it with the earlier one. Both were made with real warships!


If you want to see the film, but can’t get to a screening it is available for download on the BFI Player.

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You Are Absolutely Bonkers

This was the wonderful accolade that was given to Peter Duncan and his partner on Tumble.

He is putting us all to shame, doing what he does on the show, only a few years younger than I am!

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Liverpool Gets The Puppets Out Again

In 2012, Liverpool staged the Sea Odyssey: Giant Spectacular to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

On Friday, they’re staging another giant puppet show to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Great War. It’s reported here in the Liverpool Echo.

I wish I could go, but I’ve got to be here for my builders on Friday, which would be the best day.

You may question, if a free show like this is a good idea, as surely it costs a lot to setup. This is what Wikipedia said about the financial benefits of the Sea Odyssey.

An independent report into the impact of Sea Odyssey concluded it was the most successful event in Liverpool’s history. The report showed that 800,000 people took part in the event, which resulted in an economic impact of £32 million.

So it would appear that spectacular events are a good idea financially.

How much did Leeds, Cambridge and London benefit from the Tour de France? And after the Commonwealth Games, how many people having a holiday in Edinburgh, will now take the trip across to Glasgow?

What odds will I get on the French puppeteers turning up in Liverpool again in a few years time. Perhaps they’ll bring a puppet of Red Rum to the Grand National!

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Now That’s What I Call A Turkey

The title is Kate Muir’s headline for her film review in The Times of Walking On Sunshine, which she thinks is worth just a single star and could be a strong contender for Worst British Film of 2014.

I shall not be going!

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Worst Day For Films?

I thought it might be nice to see a film, but The Times has reviewed ten films and gives them an average of 2.4.

So not much joy there!

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Fighting Talk In The BBC Radio Theatre

I took some pictures of the programme inside the theatre.

They aren’t the best, but they give a flavour of the programme. The panel was Justin Moorhouse, Dougie Anderson, Henning Wehn and Mina Rzouki. The podcast is here.

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Is Putin Watching?

I’m watching the Eurovision Song Contest. But is Putin? Or has he just switched off the signal to all Russian sets, as a bearded drag act is representing Austria?

Remember Adolf didn’t need much of an excuse to invade Austria!

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