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My State of Health

Since I ended up in Addenbrooke’s a week ago, I’ve not felt well at all. 

  1. My teeth feel like I haven’t cleaned them in a week and it’s almost as if they’re covered in slime, which I guess is the muck pouring out of my sinuses. 
  2. My arm and face are in pain.  But it seems that my left hand is better on the keyboard though!
  3. But at least my eyesight has improved and I am able to use a pair of binoculars.  I thought that yesterday at the football, I followed the match better than at any time since my stroke.
  4. My throat hurts and I suspect that is the coughing to try to clear it.
  5. I thought for a while yesterday that I was totally constipated, but that cleared up this morning.
  6. At least I’m sleeping reasonably well, but I don’t like the number of pain killers I’m taking.  I’m well below limit set by my doctor, so I suppose that is one thing.

I’m seeing a consultant about my sinuses on Tuesday morning, so at least the end might be in sight.

I really hope so!

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  1. I am sorry you havent felt well, although that is par for the course with sinus infections. How are you getting to Addenbrookes? This might be an occasion for your driver to take you. I went to have mine looked at and was stunned to find that the consultant examined my sinuses endoscopically there and then, it didnt hurt but it left me feeling rather woolly and dizzy with an anaesthetised nose!

    He then sent me for a CAT scan, although that was the next day I think.

    Mine turned out not to be sinus – I was there because the dentist said the pain wasnt dental, try and ENT consultant. Mine was nerve damage causing the pain,


    Comment by Liz P | October 17, 2010 | Reply

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