The Anonymous Widower

I’m Finally Feeling Better

The rain yesterday seemed to get into my body and for the first time since probably last September, I’m starting to feel better and my nose has almost stopped running with its chronic rhinitis. My gut, which hasn’t been of the best since my stroke, has now returned to good health and any gastro-enterologist would hate all his patients to have such a healthy one.

So my left hand is still a bit gammy, but then it always has been since my arm was broken by the school bully. I can use it for the shift key as I type, but in most instances, I just span with my right. The only thing, I have done a lot with the left is fly an aircraft and ride a bike. Perhaps I should do both of these again?

My skin still itches and my scalp is tight from getting too dry over the winter, but a few days in the rain without a hat will help to cure that.  Thinking about it, I’ve always liked being in the rain and rarely used to carry an umbrella.  C used to think I was mad sometimes. I once joked to her, that I was short because I spent too much time in the rain.

But I’m getting there and I think more and more, that a lot of my troubles were caused by changes I made on the death of C, like the duvet and extra radiators I put in at the previous house, and the very dry atmosphere I have lived in since the stroke. In Hong Kong, the hospital had large picture windows, where the sun streamed through and guess what, it is the same in this house.  The air has been particularly dry outside all last winter and only now is it getting more humid.

Quite a few of my eye problems have gone away too, although I still have the left lower vision loss from the stroke.  My eyes are at last getting wetter more of the time. i think I could probably get my driving licence back! But why bother?

I shall make sure I don’t repeat drying myself out!

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