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Are Wind Turbines Not What They’re Cracked Up To Be?

The news this morning that RWE Innogy are not going ahead with the Atlantic Array of 240 wind turbines is to some surprising.

The developers cite engineering difficulties and that it is not the right time for the project, although others are saying that there are financial problems with the project.

If we are going to have wind turbines, which I’ll admit, I think are an eyesore in the British landscape, then offshore is probably the best place for them.

I think that this array might well be built at some time, but only after new and better technology has arrived.

It would be wrong to increase the subsidy for the project to get it built.

If subsidies go anywhere they should go into energy research.

1. We should try to find better ways of getting the gas out that is there, that would otherwise use crude fracking techniques.

2. Our buildings are notoriously badly insulated and research should be directed to find better ways of cutting energy use.

3. Research could also be directed towards better ways of generating heat and power, to widen some of the techniques used at places like the Bunhill Energy Centre.

Just using subsidies to put up wind turbines, is like giving an alcoholic or drug addict, money to fund their habit. It might give some a good feeling, but it does nothing for the overall good of society.


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