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MPS Floating Platform To Feature FibreMax Tendons

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on

This is the sub-heading.

Welsh company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has joined forces with FibreMax to provide integrated floating foundation and tendon solutions to the growing floating offshore wind sector.

And these three paragraphs outline the design.

The tendon solution will be used in the anchoring and moorings of MPS’ tension leg platform (TLP), called PelaFlex, to deliver the highest system stability and zero tilt, the partners said.

It will be the “world’s first” TLP with FibreMax tendons, made with Twaron fiber from Japan-headquartered Teijin.

Compared to traditional steel moorings synthetic cable offers a much better strength-to-weight ratio, longer operational life, and lower levels of maintenance, according to the partners.


  1. PelaFlex tension leg platforms are used in the project I wrote about in Simply Blue Group And Marine Power Systems To Pursue INTOG Innovation Project Opportunity.
  2. Wikipedia is a good source of information on tension leg platforms, where there is a large section on how they could be used for wind turbines.
  3. Twaron has an informative product page.
  4. There is more about PelaFlex on the PelaFlex web page including a video.
  5. The press release for the joint Simply Blue/MPS project talks of six turbines totalling up to 100 MW, which is probably around 17 MW per wind turbine.

It looks to me, that the PelaFlex design is getting better by the simple process of adding lightness and therefore being able to have a higher energy density in a deep area of the sea.

The amount of innovation involved probably makes PelaFlex an ideal component for the upcoming INTOG leasing round.

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