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Is London The Best Therapist In The World?

Today, I had to go for the MRI Scan to my arm and shoulder.  I decided as the weather was so good that despite my hay fever and the high pollen count, I’d walk to the hospital from Great Portland Street station.

Flower Gardens in Regent's Park

As you can see Regent’s Park was at it’s glorious best and ready for the real summer. One Cypriot couple I met had come to the Park specifically to see the roses. Madame Tussaud eat your heart out! Who wants to see a lot of wax models?  I don’t!  Unless you can stick pins in them!

I walked past the Open Air Theatre and on to the lake, where mothers were doing what they have for hundreds of years and we used to do in the 1970s and that is feed the ducks and geese.

Feeding the Ducks in Regent's Park Lake

C had a phobia about large birds and I can remember her screaming madly, when a gaggle of angry geese almost chased her into the lake, not far from where the above picture was taken.

She didn’t fall in there, but she did have to jump in here to retrieve our middle son, who fell in throwing bread for the ducks on the other side of thec lake.

Where Our Son Fell In

Both survived without any harm, although it was rather wet walk home to our flat just north of the Park.

I was also pleased to see that the rails, I remember so well because of a photo I took, are still in place after forty years.

A Fence in Regent's Park

They say things don’t last, but memories and that fence do!

A few minutes later I was at the hospital on the other side of the Park.

It seems that in many places in London, I seem to come across items, buildings and bridges that remind me of my past, comfort me and tell me that I did the right thing to come home to the city of my birth and childhood.

She is my friend and therapist and she is always with me.

And for me, as I live in her bounds, all the consultations cost is a bit of effort and perhaps some rubber from my trainers. She is truly the best free therapist in the world! But then others will say that about New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Rome and masses of other places.

But it is only your home city that can reach the places in the mind that others can’t reach.

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  1. I feel a bit like that about Liverpool

    Comment by liz | June 24, 2011 | Reply

    • So do I! But London is a little bit more special!

      Comment by AnonW | June 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. I have never lived in London, although we visited family there each year when I was a child, and we lived in Kent for 5 years. I have never actually technically lived in LIverpool, but it was my nearest city, and when I lived in Kent and was so miserable there, hearing a Liverpool accent felt good. Plus if I had to say where I was from, I generally said Liverpool because people had heard of it.

    Comment by liz | June 24, 2011 | Reply

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