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Could a Balaena-Like Structure Be Used As a Wind Power Platform?

Last night I was watching reports on the BBC about the Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm.

Again, I can’t help thinking that a Balaena like structure could be used. It would be tall and thin and the wind-turbine could just be lifted onto the top.

It would be built in a shipyard horizontally and would have a steel tank at the bottom to give it stability.  As with the original Balaena weight and the gum-boot syndrome would keep it in place.

It would also be towed out horizontally and then upended by filling the tank.  I proved that this would work nearly forty years ago and I’m sure if you get the sizes right, it would be very stable. You then just lift the power unit on the top in the normal way.

But then I’m no structural engineer.  On the other I have a memory like an elephant and never forget anything useful.

Where is Buckminster Fuller when you need him?

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