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Make Bradford British

I am not going to get into the race arguments on this one, as many are expending a lot of effort in that way.

I would argue that from a totally different point of view that it isn’t part of the UK.  Last year I visited all 92 football clubs in alphabetical order.  Bradford as many know, occupies a sad place in football history in the UK.

But arriving at the station, there was no maps and no information on how to get to the football ground, despite the fact you could see the ground from the platform. So it obviously wants to deter visitors and keep them out.

Even a policewomen, said that there was no direct walking route and that every year they get people who lost a relative in the tragic fire walking around looking for the route to the  ground.

So it was one of the few grounds, I didn’t properly visit.

I should also say, that it wasn’t the most unwelcoming place I visited.

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  1. Westfield doesnt think its part of the UK either. After a huge amount of city centre demolition they left a hole in the ground,pleading lack of funds (which didnt stop them doing King St Hammersmith or Stratford East. A lot of the larger stores who had agreed to take space in the development are still in their original sites.smaller stores and of course they wont spend money on refurb whilst the new development is pending. M & S and Top Shop are notable examples; remember M&S in Wood Green in the 50’s. Just like Bradford today!
    I go to Bradford 2/3 times a week to pick up a few things, there’s a city centre Morrisons and umpteen poundshops.
    The Bradford Telegraph & Argus reported this week there are 3000 empty shops in the City; even Charity shops spurn Bradford.
    What’s to be done? Well, the new shopping mall would help; but with Leeds burgeoning right next door it will take something like DVLA or NHS HQ,s to bring people to the City. I am goingf to downsize before summer and take a city centre apartment in a mill conversion.
    Bradford University is very supportive of our Beekeeping Association; there are bees on campus and we hold meetings there. This is the best part as we get access to the Student’s Union Bar – 2 pints of Wakefield Brewery’s Brown Rat Ale and change from a fiver.

    Comment by peter hoskins | March 1, 2012 | Reply

    • I didn’t know Westfield was doing a Bradford. What I felt sad was that the city seemed to completely lack signs to the football ground, where one of the biggest tragedies in British football happened. and you could see the stadium from the platforms at the station. There weren’t even any signs to anywhere else. They obviously don’t want tourists or visitors at all. Compare that to Norwich, Ipswich, Exeter or Sheffield, where everything is properly set out.

      Comment by AnonW | March 1, 2012 | Reply

  2. THat’s the problem James, Westfieled Aren’t doing it, there’s just a big holein the ground where, 5 years ago, they promised us a Westfield. They,ve even taken their name of the hoardings now. The signposts on the pedestrian area to the other side ofn Forster Sq are okay, but again no signs to Valley Parade. The ribbon development alongside the station makes it a long walk.

    Comment by peter hoskins | March 2, 2012 | Reply

    • Long walk! – It’s impossible. If I compare Bradford with say Sheffield, they have built a trabsport hub around the main station, so you can get anywhere you want. Leeds haven’t as to get the bus to Eland Road, you need to walk up the hill to get the bus. Some councils couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

      One city I know well, used to have terrible public transport because the council was all taxi-drivers, so they didn’t want good bus services, as they would have lost business. But that’s all changed now, as there were so many expensive taxis, they got voted out and it’s now got very good buses. I mentioned this in one large town in the north and I was told that was the problem there.

      Comment by AnonW | March 2, 2012 | Reply

  3. Speaking of breweries, Tetleys Brewery, a riverside feature for centuries, has been closed by Carlsberg, the parent company, probably the greatest money grubbing shits in the world. No.not quite, but Id love to see UK companies allowed to do the same abroad. Another prime example is Kirkstall Forge; a working forge for a thousand years! Bought out by those same frogs you helped today, its Order Book taken back across the Channel and its going to be a massive housing estate.

    Comment by peter hoskins | March 2, 2012 | Reply

    • Carlsberg doesn’t make beer according to a Danish friend of mine. He once said the small breweries of England and Wales are like the wines of France. As it is I can only drink gluten-free beer and the best comes from St. Peter’s in Suffolk. Superb!

      I don’t have any knowledge of forgery. It seems to me though, that all the intelligent French are working in London and the South East. What is it about rats and sinking ships?

      Comment by AnonW | March 2, 2012 | Reply

  4. […] Bradford – I remember Bradford, as one of the worst places I went to, when I visited all 92 football grounds. […]

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