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An Announcement From TfL

This article in Rail Technology Magazine is entitled Battersea Power Station to be extensively redesigned for Northern Line extension.

I think that they’ve found that putting together the new Battersea station, is not as simple as the developers thought.

In fact, they could have discounted it, as how many of the developers, architects or owners of the new properties will actually use the line?

But Londoners, visitors and others are looking forward to the Northern Line Extension, as it gives access to an area, that is not the easiest place to visit, unless you use several buses or a long walk.

However, the most significant news in the article is the last paragraph.

At the same meeting, the committee were also asked to authorise TfL to submit a proposal for a final fixed licencing price in order to commercially exploit the software used in its contactless payment systems.

Does this mean, that London’s  contactless payment system will be seen all over the world?

I certainly hope so, as I’ve never found a system that comes within a hundred miles of London’s proven go-anywhere ticketing on either an Oyster-like card or a contactless bank-card.

If I ruled the world, I’d make this compulsory for all public transport!

It would create the biggest economic stimulus to tourism and trade, since coins were first used in the Iron Age.

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