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Changing Trains At Zwolle Station

Zwolle is a place that has stuck in my mind since I was about ten and had my first decent atlas. The gazetteer at the end of the atlas had Zwolle was the last entry. In my current larger atlas, it is still in the last ten entries.

I don’t think, I ever looked it up on a map and I certainly had never visited or even driven past. The nearest I ever got, was refuelling an aircraft at Groningen Airport, about twenty miles to the North.

I didn’t have time to explore the town, as the thirty minutes I had to wait was really only long enough for a hot chocolate. But, if my train had been on time, I wouldn’t have even had time for that.

It is just a functional station, mainly built out of concrete and without any soul.

  • The wooden seating was less cold, than the usual steel seats you get in Europe.
  • The staff were not visible, but there was someone in a tunnel underneath.
  • There was no enclosed shelter.
  • There was only a little displayed information.
  • I should think it could be a bleak station in the wrong sort of weather.

We need to think how we make stations more friendly to passing travellers.

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