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Down Into The Depths At Moorgate Station

This visualisation shows Moorgate station and mas of tunnels that will connect Crossrail to The Northern Line, the sub-surface lines and the Northern City Line.


  1. The Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan Lines are shown in yellow.
  2. The Northern City Line is shown in purple.
  3. The Northern Line is shown in black and the two platforms are underneath the two platforms of the Northern City Line
  4. Older parts of the existing station are shown in white.
  5. New Crossrail infrastructure is shown in green.

There is a new pedestrian tunnel that links the far ends of the Northern and Northern City Lines to the main Crossrail station.

The tunnel is in the top left of image and has a right-angle bend in the middle.

This picture shows the lift between the Northern Line platforms and the tunnel.


  1. It is a standard Transport for London lift lobby.
  2. There is signage for the Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan Lines and the Elizabeth Line above the lift doors.
  3. The lift appears to be showing floor -8, which is the floor where the lift is currently parked.

I know Moorgate station is deep, but are there eight underground levels?

  • The escalator to the Northern City Line is probably about three floors and it starts in the current original booking hall, which is one floor  below street level.
  • So that would make the Northern City Line at level -4.
  • As the Northern Line is one level below the Northern City Line, it must be at level -5.

This picture shows the stairs that go between the Northern Line and the pedestrian tunnel to Crossrail.

It really is a long way down.

For those, who can use escalators, there is still the rat-up-the-drainpipe route I described in Up From The Depths At Moorgate Station.

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  1. That is a lot of stairs down and if the same applies for passengers coming the opposite way it will cause even more problems..

    We are constantly told that problems of congestion at stations is often related to having to use stairs although usually upwards to clear platforms yet here at a station which already has escalators between platforms stairs have been installed instead of escalators making talk of Crossrail being fully accessible a nonsense if it doesn’t include all links to existing interchange platforms!

    The same mistake was made at Kings Cross St Pancras and whenever I need to change from the Northern Line I use the old route whenever possible which involves no mile long corridors with escalators between lines or direct to booking hall .

    With recent news that work is to begin to make Finsbury Park Station Mainline platforms fully accessible the omission of lift access to Northern City Line at Moorgate will look even more daft especially if Old Street and Highbury and Islington Stations get lift access restored using old lift shafts as proposed!

    In fact Drayton Park could easily gain lift access being an open air station thus leaving just Essex Road and Moorgate as inaccessible!

    One thought on the new tunnel link between Moorgate and Liverpool Street Station –
    I wonder if similar tunnels between close stations like Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square could prove a far cheaper option that grand projects like Crossrail 2 which take decades to develop and build ? It’s how Paris Metro works and if above scheme was built the tunnels could even be extended to where Covent Garden Station is with a new fully accessible entrance to Street level using escalators and even incline lifts and Covent Garden Station on Piccadilly Line could then be closed saving a fortune on rebuilding it and speeding operations of tge Piccadilly Line !

    Comment by Melvyn | July 16, 2021 | Reply

  2. As an addendum I do wonder if providing escalators at locations like this should have come before some of the fancy artwork at stations?

    Comment by Melvyn | July 16, 2021 | Reply

  3. […] July 2021, I wrote Down Into The Depths At Moorgate Station and I included this picture of the lift that connects the Northern and Elizabeth […]

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