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IberBlue Plans To Install 18 MW Floating Wind Turbines On Spanish-Portuguese Atlantic Ocean Border

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IberBlue Wind has announced plans to build two floating wind farms on the North Atlantic border between Spain and Portugal. The projects, planned to be installed off the coasts of Baixo Miño in Pontevedra and Viana do Castelo, would have a total of 109 turbines of 18 MW and a combined capacity of up to 1.96 GW.

These two later paragraphs also describe two other offshore wind farms being developed by IberBlue in Spain and Portugal.

Since then, IberBlue has already announced two floating offshore wind projects of 990 MW capacity each, one in Spain and one in Portugal.

In Spain, the joint venture is developing the Nao Victoria floating wind farm, planned to be built off the coasts of Cadiz and Malaga, in the Alboran Sea, the westernmost part of the Mediterranean Sea. The wind farm is planned to comprise 55 floating wind turbines, also with a nominal output of 18 MW per turbine.

It does look as if IberBlue have defined that for the seas around the Iberian peninsular, 18 MW floating wind turbines will be their standard.

As these giants could have a 20 % increase in capacity compared to 15 MW turbines for the same number of turbines, I think that developers will seriously look at the costs and performance pf the larger turbines and could install them more widely.

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