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Green Hydrogen Production Facility

The title of this post is the same as this project on the Arup web site.

This is the introduction.

Green hydrogen – hydrogen produced using 100% renewable energy – holds promise as a future, low emission energy source. Across the world many players are beginning to explore or invest in its production at scale.

Statkraft are Europe’s largest renewable energy producer and are investing heavily in green hydrogen as an energy source for use in transportation and industry. Statkraft have identified a site in Pembrokeshire for a green hydrogen production facility near to the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone, an area focusing on developing opportunities within the energy and environment sectors.

This green energy hub will be located on the former Royal Navy Armaments Depot in Trecwn, Pembrokeshire. During development, the site employed over 3,000 people, and it is hoped that this new facility can continue to support highly skilled jobs in the area, while contributing to the Welsh Government’s net zero strategy.

Statkraft have a web page for the Trecwn Green Energy Hub, where this is said about the expected production.

It is estimated that the 15MW hydrogen plant will generate up to 4 tonnes of hydrogen a day, the equivalent of powering a single bus for over 40,000 miles. The hydrogen produced could be used locally for a range of purposes including transport, as a feedstock or heat source for industry and manufacturing, as well as for heating buildings.

This Google Map shows the location of Trecwn in Pembrokeshire.


  1. The red arrow indicates Trecwn.
  2. The port of Fishguard is just to the North of Trecwn.

The site appears to be at RNAD Trecwn, which is a decommissioned Royal Navy Armaments Depot.

This second Google Map shows the remains of some of the site.

Note the railway line to the site, which is visible in West of the map, which connects to Carmarthen, Fishguard, Milford Haven and Pembroke Dock.

Wikipedia says this about its condition.

Network Rail have not only kept the railway connection operational, but refurbished it to allow the site to develop as an Intermodal freight traffic distribution site from Fishguard.


This would surely enable local trains, port operations, railway locomotives and ships to be hydrogen-powered.

  1. Trains and railway locomotives could be filled on the site.
  2. Buses and trucks could be filled on the site.
  3. Ports could be supplied by hydrogen trains.
  4. Strangely, I’ve not seen a design for a short hydrogen delivery train, which would be needed to supply the ports. But I doubt, it would be difficult to design and build.

All the Health and Safety protocols could probably easily be created, given the former use of the site.


Statkraft seem to have chosen an ideal site for the hydrogen electrolyser.


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