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For IVF go to Europe

This article about IVF in The Times caught my attention.

Whatever your views on the subject and I don’t have particular ones either way, this is a subject we should take seriously, as it seems being childless is for some a disaster.  I can’t comment, as I am the father of three and didn’t have to make the decision.

But we have to bear in mind that everyone’s pregnancy is a cost to the NHS.  This is not a problem with a single birth, but who pays for multiple births, which often have complications.

I would also throw in the fact that as a coeliac, if I was a woman I might have problems in conceiving.  I know of women who on being diagnosed have quite quickly got pregnant and successfully had a child.  I also know that no women in the coeliac line of my family have given birth in over a hundred years.  I’m no doctor, but could it be that if your vitamin-B12 and folates are low, you’re not going to conceive a healthy baby.

This is yet another reason for everybody to be checked for coeliac disease.

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