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Blood Test for IVF Success

The Times today reports that a blood test has been developed that helps to predict IVF success.

I hope that the blood test looks for problems of coeliac disease.

Here’s why!

I am a coeliac and used to suffer from very low vitamin-b12 levels until I was diagnosed as a coeliac at 54 or so.  Now on a gluten-free diet, my b12 levels are fine.

As a man, that doesn’t matter, but I can trace my coeliac ancestors back through my family tree.  The men died young and the women never had any children.  My sister didn’t and was never diagnosed as a coeliac, whilst of child-bearing age.

I also moderate a list on the Internet for coeliacs.  Over the last few years, three women have joined in their mid-thirties who have just been diagnosed.  All were childless, but wanted children and within months they became pregnant and successfully gave birth.

Are questions about coeliac symptoms asked when people are looking to conceive with IVF?  After all, amenorrhea is a common coeliac symptom.

As an engineer/scientist these notes are not good research, as they are personal and a rather small sample, but serious research needs to be done in this area.

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