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Coeliacs and Mental Problems

Just listening to the twins, Will and Rupert Young, on the radio as I write. Will is the well-known singer and his twin brother, Rupert, has a history of mental problems.  He’s just set up the Mood Foundation to help people with their problems.

It’s just a small point, but I moderate a list on the Internet for coeliacs.  We are all allergic to the gluten, found in wheat, barley and rye.  What keeps coming up is those with this allergy are often diagnosed as suffering for depression, bi-polar disorder and other mental problems.  When they go on a gluten-free diet, the symptoms disappear.

Obviously, this is only likely to help in the cases of the 1-in-100 of the UK population who are coeliacs, but to test for the allergy is now a simple blood test.

Taking a scientist’s view of the body, undiagnosed coeliacs are often low in vitamin b12 and guess what?  This is absolutely essential for healthy functioning of the brain.

But perhaps more importantly, we need to have a totally open view to mental illness and not rule out ANY cause of a person’s problems.  After all a cured patient can become a valuable member of society.

Rupert has just said that he was helped by equine assisted therapy.  As someone who breeds racehorses, I know that horses can help in mental problems.  To relate to say a mare and a skitty foal, you have to be calm, just to get them to take a tidbit.  And so you learn how to calm your emotions.  Also for people who have problems with violence and losing their temper, they don’t want to try anything remotely like that with a horse.  They’ll get a good kicking.  So you learn to control yourself.

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