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What Would Oswald Mosley Have Thought?

Just watching the Holland-England game on the box.

One of the odd things of this match is that Holland are playing in all plain  orange and England are playing in plain white.  You don’t see that often these days, as marketeers think that fancy strips sell better.  The new England strip says that they don’t, as it is selling well.  I suspect that something plain is acceptable in many more places like decent restaurants and clubs!

It’s interesting to look at the England side and see how many players are not your average white bloke.

They started with Green, Johnson, Ashley Cole, Ferdinand, Terry, Barry, Beckham, Lampard, Young, Heskey, Rooney.  Only Green, Terry, Barry, Beckham, Lampard and Rooney would fall into Mosley’s preferred racial group.

Look at who Fabio Capello would have preferred to play like David James and who he used as substitutes and you might have an England team that line is as James, Johnson, Ashley Cole, Ferdinand, Terry, Barry, Wright-Phillips, Lampard, Young, Heskey, Defoe.  Here it’s only Terry, Barry and Lampard.

Does anybody care?

I don’t!

My father wouldn’t have either.

He told me he was there at the Battle of Cable Street, when a coalition of Jews, communists and anti-fascists opposed  Oswald Mosley and his supporters marching through the East End of London.  But my father wasn’t a communist, although he did have Jewish ancestry, but a left-wing member of the Tory party.  That may seem strange today, but race and religion often wasn’t a problem for a lot of Edwardians.  It certainly wasn’t for my father, who I never heard say anything racist.

As I get to know my father more from people who met him, I suspect that he was there and his claim that he hit Mosley with a tomato may well be true.

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