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Some years ago, I had a letter published in The Times, criticising Greenpeace for measuring exhaust emissions in a very unscientific way.  They were trying to make a point, but their methods were very wrong.  I used the term scientifically-correct in the letter.  A few months later I was phoned by the OED and asked where I’d got the phrase.  I said that it’s use was obvious and I’d used it for years. So I don’t really claim any first usage on the term, although it may be the case.  But I very much doubt it.

But it illustrates how I think.  You must get your facts right, even if they end up with a set of thinking that is politically incorrect.

My reasons for being so strong on this, is that sometimes a researcher finds something that is totally against the general view and his peers stop publication and rubbish the research.  There was a Horizon program some years ago about how the body works and how a Glasgow professor of veterinary science proved everybody wrong.  But it took him years to get his research accepted.

So when Alan Johnson fired Professor David Nutt for speaking the truth, you can have no doubts as to who I think is right.

I also applaud his colleagues who are now saying they have resigned or will do so.

But this row means that what scientist, doctor, engineer or computer scientist would advise Prudence and his rabble, when they know that their good advice will be totally ignored.

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