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Elizabeth/Central Line Interchange At Stratford – 23rd June 2022

During the rail strike yesterday, it was a good time to show hoe the interchange between the Elizabeth and Central Lines at Stratford station.


  1. I took these photographs from the London-bound platform.
  2. Platform 3 is the Central Line platform on the Southern side.
  3. Platform 3A is a second platform face to allow boarding of Central Line trains from both sides.
  4. Platform 5 is the Elizabeth Line platform on the Northern side.
  5. To the North of this pair of platforms, there is a second pair for Essex bound trains.
  6. Platform 6 is the Central Line platform on the Southern side.
  7. Platform 8 is the Elizabeth Line platform on the Northern side.

Due to the strike I only saw one Elizabeth Line train in the time I was there and I took that to Liverpool Street station.

Step-Free Access Between Train And Platform

These four pictures show the step between trains and platforms at the stations.

The step is bigger on the Elizabeth Line, but both sides could be improved.

This Is An Important Interchange

These two cross-platform changes at Stratford station form an important interchange on the Elizabeth Line and when the Elizabeth Line is fully operational, they will have the following trains.

  • Elizabeth Line – Peak – 16 tph
  • Elizabeth Line – Off-Peak – 12 tph
  • Central Line – Peak – 35 tph
  • Central Line – Off-Peak – 24 tph


  1. tph is trains per hour.
  2. These two double-sided platforms will be very busy.
  3. In the Peak, a train will arrive every seventy seconds.

I believe that this interchange will effectively make the Central Line stations, that are North-West of Stratford, a virtual part of the Elizabeth Line.

A side-effect could be a rise in house prices near any of those Central Line stations.


This very important interchange, between the Underground and National Rail services was actually opened in October 1946.

It is surprising to me, that we don’t have more interchanges like this in the UK, between local and long-distance rail services.



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