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Now I’ve Got A Gammy Knee!

Over the last couple of days, I’ve had a minor difficulty getting up from a chair.  I was just getting a bit of pain in my right knee.  I had to see the GP yesterday and she looked at it.  I had thought it might be something to do with the stroke, but it was just a touch of arthritis.  As I was seeing the physio after the GP, she had something else to do and she gave it some therapy.  It’s a lot better this morning.

The gastroenterologist I saw on Friday last week told me that I had some sort of bio-chemical problem and this was resulting in my poor nails.  They took some blood to check what it was.

Now before I was diagnosed as a coeliac, I had lots of problems and pain in my left knee.  These had started when I was about 25 and one doctor in those days, suggested I had an operation.  When we moved to Suffolk in 1975, a new doctor, recommended some exercises and except for the odd stickiness when I got up from the floor, I never had any more problems.

All of these knee problems got a lot better with a gluten-free diet.

So now it’s the other knee!

Ever since I’ve had the stroke, I’ve worried that something is wrong with the bio-chemistry of my body.  I’ll laugh like a drain if I’m low on vitamin B12!

But what do I know about medicine! Not a lot! But I do know my body!

In addition to the knee and nails, I’ve also got a certain amount of the runs and I am sleeping a lot and very well. The latter is probably due to the body needing time to recover.

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