The Anonymous Widower

Dullingham to Nottingham

I actually left fromy my local station at Dullingham, rather than my return destination of Newmarket as it was easier to get to at 9:15 in the morning.  The cost of the return ticket is the same at £27.65 from both stations, so ticketing was not a problem.

To get to Nottingham was a double change at both Cambridge and Leicester.  This is one of the problems about getting trains from East Anglia to the rest of the country.  Nothing is ever straightforward unless you drive to either Ely or Peterborough first and I can’t drive at present.

The second problem is that the East Anglia to Midlands and North trains are just too small.  The train was very crowded all the way to Leicester from Cambridge, but luckily I had a seat by the window.  After Leicester I was in one of the larger Meridean expresses to Nottingham.

Everything otherwise was fine and I arrived in Nottingham just a few minutes over three hours after I’d started my journey, which was as should have been expected.

The only problem I had, was that the station information at Leicester wasn’t up to the standard I usually find and I could have missed my connection, if I hadn’t guessed right.  It probably wouldn’t have been serious, as there are quite a few trains between Leicester and Nottingham.  But what if I’d been going the other way, where missing the connection would mean a sizeable wait.

I’d never been to Leicester on a train before today, which is surprising, as in the past I’ve used trains to quite a few cities in the Midlands.  I sometimes wonder if I’ve got a thing about the city, as it was one of the last trips C did by train for her business.  She had just finished the radiotherapy for her breast cancer and had gone there by train and she then took a train to London to see a friend sworn in as a judge. Except for the odd trip to London, I don’t think she ever went on a train again.  I also remember that I’d been to see Ipswich lose at Leicester. the day before she told me, that she had breast cancer. So perhaps it is a town for me to avoid!  Although they do have a Carluccio’s there now, so at least the food will be good.

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  1. breast cancer is of course easy to diagnose early and very easy to treat if you catch it early-`.

    Comment by Allergy Treatment : | October 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. C’s cancer was well-treated early by a good surgeon. She continued to work full time whilst having radiotherapy. When she died, she was completely clear of breast cancer, two years later.

    The cancer that killed her was cancer of the heart and that was totally unrelated to the breast cancer. I now see the cardiologist who treated her for my minor heart problems and I think he feels she was his unluckiest patient ever. Especially, as hers was the only cancer of its type in the UK in 2007

    Comment by AnonW | October 26, 2010 | Reply

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