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A Double First For Me!

Up until last night, I’d never been to the O2 at Greenwich or ever seen any serious ballet live. I did see Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo with C once a few years ago and enjoyed that, but it could not be described as mainstream ballet, although it is serious dance.

Last night, a friend who works at the Royal Ballet, took me to see Romeo and Juliet at the O2. So it was a double-first!

I enjoyed it immensively and felt that it worked well both as a show and as a spectacle. The only thing I didn’t like was that some in the audience, were constantly going in and out of the arena.

But don’t take my word for it, read the review in The Independent.

Here’s an extract.

Some details do get swallowed by this venue. The big crowd scenes blur, but Kenneth MacMillan’s famously impassioned duets keep their power. As the story’s focus shrinks to Juliet’s bedroom, then her tomb, the ballet reaches out to conquer this cavernous space.

So I think the Royal Ballet can say they have a success on their hands.

I should also say that because of my rather odd eye-sight, which could follow the detail well on the stage for a minute or so before my eyes tired, that the format with large video screens allowed me to rest them a bit, by watching the screens intermittently.

I would suspect that I might enjoy ballet and other shows in a large arena more than I would in a traditional theatre.  But I do know that my eyes are getting better, as towards the end of the last football season, I found the action much easier to follow than at the start.

I would certainly go again!

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  2. “…I would suspect that I might enjoy ballet and other shows in a large arena more than I would in a traditional theatre….”

    No way – nothing quite compares to an intimate theatre 🙂 (which is not to say it can’t transfer to other venues, or even cinema, and still work well).

    You can get a reasonably good seat at the ROH for around £30 (a tenner if you are willing to stand). Although it has to be said the competition for good (value for money) seats is immense.

    Maybe your friend can help you choose a good ballet and advise on seating options (due to the horse shoe shaped auditorium some seats/ areas are appalling for sight lines – it can be deceptive when booking).

    But I do recommend you go to the ROH at least once. When I’ve taken unsuspecting friends there in the past some have said straight afterwards that they feel like a different person and that the world looks completely new again! It can be such an energizing and moving experience.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

    Comment by abandonculture | June 18, 2011 | Reply

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