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P.G. Wodehouse Was A Traitor

My father hated P.G. Wodehouse with a vengeance because of his broadcasts for the Nazis in the Second World War. We didn’t have any of his books in the house.

More has just been released from MI5 files as reported here in the Guardian.

I would follow my father and have nothing to do with any of Wodehouse’s books and can’t even say now, I’d go out of my way to watch a film, play or TV series of any of his books.

Remember my father was very involved with anti-Fascism protests before the war and active on the left wing of the Conservative party. He was also present at the Battle of Cable Street, when the East End stopped Mosley from marching.

My father could also do a mean impersonation of Lord Haw-Haw. But then I’ve never met anybody who didn’t feel that he wasn’t one of the funniest things of the war.

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  1. Gitfinger comments in the Guardian August 26th 2011 that the reason GB was at war with Germany was to teach people social behaviours. I thought it was for the same reason as the First World War, namely to get rid of an overwhelming trade competitor and safeguard GB power position in Europe and the world. Read also Lord Balfour unashamed confession to an American ambassador 1913 that he was upset that GB had missed the opportunity to make a sneak attack on Germany to reduce its industry and at the same time destroy all the naval vessels under construction. Long gone now is the Navy and the colonial empire. The straw that broke the white Englishmen’s back was the greedy Cecil Rhodes and his collaborators Cape Governor Milner, Colonial Minister Chamberlain and Lord Kitchener. Rhodes died in shame among his people (Cape Boers?), Milner was on a later return to South Africa 1925 bitten by a bug and succumbed, Chamberlain son Austin would have to atone for his fathers sin by later being constantly snubbed by Adolf Hitler and sacked by Parliament 1940, and Lord Kitchener the infamous killer of civilian Boer folk of women and children as well as black people and the inventor of Concentration camps and a raw model for Heinrich Himmler met his timely death on the rocks of Shetland Island 1916, the victim of a German mine.
    It is hard to face the facts and better keep them in the editors drawer were no one can see them.

    Comment by Arthur | August 26, 2011 | Reply

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