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Zopa In Hard Times

I have been examining my detailed figures on Zopa, the peer-to-peer lending site I use to hold my deposit account money. You’d think that the real interest, I’d be getting would be lower than it was last year, as reading the papers and you’d think that everybody was going belly-up.  But surprisingly in January the real interest, which is actual interest paid out, adjusted for any bad debts, has risen by about a percentage point. And I’m still waiting for the big payments that come at the end of every month, around the 25th!

So why could this be?

I think that it’s partly due to the improved lending policy of the company, in that bad borrowers are less likely to be loaned money and over the last couple of years, the dodgy customers have not got loans. And of course for every dodgy customer who doesn’t get a loan, there is more money to lend out to good ones!

Or it could be that those who have loans out with reputable banks and companies, make sure that whatever they do, they make certain they repay the loan?

I do think though, that this improvement will probably apply to all banks and companies that do personal loans in a professional and traditional manner. So as banks are constantly being criticised for not lending enough money could it be that they’re doing the right thing?

To return to Zopa, I also have noted that I have not picked up a loan using their Rapid Return system for eight months. This system allows good loans to be effectively sold on to other lenders.

It may be that I’ve not been lucky in picking one up, but it could be that people like the Zopa rates and would prefer to live off the interest rather than cash in the loans.

I don’t know, but it does seem to me that Zopa is getting to be a better investment and that the majority of the good British public are not as stupid ass they are made out.

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