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What Is The Collective Noun for Dames?

The Royal Academy has recently had a party for the Queen to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, where they invited a large collection of Dames of the British Empire and other important women from the arts and the media. Here‘s Dame Joan Bakewell‘s account of the evening.

So what is the collective noun for dames?

For dames of a certain sort, it could be a pantomine, but that would have been unfair to those, who turned out in their finery for the Queen.

So perhaps it could be a finery or an elegance of dames?

Burke’s Peerage suggest dameage and then say it is ugly.  Which it is!

You could mangle the lyrics from the song and make it a not-like-a of dames. Ugly again!

So I think I’ll go for an elegance of dames, in deference to the ladies, who went to the Royal Academy.

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