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Between a Rock And A Hard Place

Over this winter I have severely dehydrated myself, due to the bad design of this house. I regularly have lukewarm baths to try to get more water back into my body. My GP’s colleague thinks this is a good idea.  I’ve also had air-conditioning fitted, so that my house is usually at about 25 °C with upwards of 40% humidity. I also drink quite a bit to try to raise the moisture levels in my body.

However my cardiologist says that I must not drink more than 1.5 litres a day. I don’t think I do!

But my skin is still as dry as a bone and I itch like crazy. The guy who cuts my hair, says my scalp is very dry and I scratch everywhere like mad. Especially, the backs of my legs, my back, my scalp and my throat.

The problem did clear up last year, but only when we got some sun.  Fat chance of that this year.  Why did the Queen have to have a ruddy jubilee to guarantee bad weather this summer?

Has anybody any serious ideas, other than moving to Australia?

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Now We Know Why Waitrose Took Over Duchy Originals

The Times today publishes a picture of Mark Price, the MD of Waitrose in the Royal Box for the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

It’s alright for some!

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A Clip of Video from the RAF

The RAF has just released this video taken from the Lancaster during the flypast to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Note that the pilot and passengers in the Lancaster, are wearing very 1940s bone-domes.  It would also appear, that there are quite a few free-loaders going along for the ride.

The RAF should make more videos like this.

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An Historical Snippet From Gyles Brandreth

Gyles Brandreth can always be relied upon to add something of note to a discussion. He has just said that the Duke of Edinburgh‘s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was at the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving of Queen Victoria.

She stayed in Athens during the Second World War, and this snippet, shows an insight into her character.

During the fighting in Athens, to the dismay of the British, she insisted on walking the streets distributing rations to policemen and children in contravention of the curfew order. When told that she might have been shot by a stray bullet, she replied “they tell me that you don’t hear the shot that kills you and in any case I am deaf. So, why worry about that?”

So did the Duke get his forthright character from his mother?

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Olympic Torch Relay or Diamond Jubilee Service

I’m very much a supporter of the Queen and the work she does, but I’m watching the Olympic Torch Relay as it passes through Omagh.

I think when we look back on these days in the years to come, the Olympics of 2012 and the associated relay, may be in our memories more than the Diamond Jubilee. After all we’ve seen a lot of Royal ceremonials, but the Torch Relay could turn out to be an important moment, in the restoration of good relations between the UK and especially England and the whole island of Ireland. We may be divided in many ways, but no pessimist could say we’re not joined in our enjoyment of sport.

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They’ve Cancelled The Stringbag

The weather has now got worse and the BBC has announced that the flypast by the Swordfish has been cancelled.

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The Queen Does Her Duty

I think the Queen was getting a bit cold in the rain and has now put a wrap on. The Duke, who of course is very much a nautical person, seems to be enjoying the pageant a lot more than his wife.  But the Queen as ever carries on!

I think he understood, the semaphore signalling from the top of the Festival Hall, judging by his smile. I hope they weren’t sending rude messages, as I would have thought few people on the river could have read them these days, except the Duke.

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A Place for the Little Ships

In the Diamond Jubilee flotilla today, there are about forty or so of the Little Ships of Dunkirk.  If you look at the Wikipedia entry, you’ll see that some unusual boats took part in 1940.  What surprised me was that 39 Dutch coasters that had escaped the Germans also took part and rescued about seven percent of the total of the troops brought home.

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The VIPs Get English Wine

On the Diamond Jubilee flotilla today, the VIPs will be served three English wines.

  1. Sparkling Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2007, produced from West Sussex
  2. Stopham Estate Pinot Blanc 2010, also from West Sussex
  3. Albury Vineyard’s Silent Pool Rosé 2011, this time from Surrey

I’ve said before, but West Sussex champagne is up with the best.

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The Queen Gets Her Weather

It looks like the next four days, will be the Queen’s usual weather; dull with rain.

At least heavy rain doesn’t seem to be forecast.


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