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I’ve been wanting to catch this episode of Dad’s Army for some years. I can only ever remember seeing it once with C and that would have probably been in the 1990s.  I can also remember her roaring with laughter, when our intrepid heroes acquired a tracker dog, which suitably for them was an English Setter. Two of the English setters, we had are shown in this post, which makes the episode even funnier for me.  Some dogs are comedians, but English setters are almost the most natural straight-men of the dog world.

I found this on a page of English setter trivia.

English Setters are excellent with children. They make very good family dogs. However, they make terrible  watchdogs . They are almost excessively friendly and will wag their tails and try to make friends with anyone who comes to your house. They may sleep through someone trying to break in. This is not the dog to get if you are looking for protection.

It sums the breed up well.  I always remember the time, we mated our dog, Charlotte.  Her husband-to-be had a very grand pedigree, but the two of them had no idea, what they were supposed to be doing, bringing this statement from the Brummie lady, who owned the dog.

If it hadn’t been for humans, English setters, would have died out years ago.

They were playing the straight-dog again, which is exactly what the dog called, Bran, did in Dad’s Army tonight. You should be able to catch it on iPlayer for a few weeks.

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  1. Been watching Dads Army lately, but missed that one …damn as love dogs and now know how adorable setters are too…amusing blog…found you by happy chance and been enjoying your varied comments..

    Comment by sarah | September 24, 2012 | Reply

    • Most setters unlike labradors are single-coated, so even if they get on the sofa, you won’t find it covered with dog hair.

      Comment by AnonW | September 24, 2012 | Reply

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