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The Sun And INR

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing my INR daily. These are the early results taken daily on my Coagucheck.

Tuesday, June 4th – 3.0

Monday, June 3rd – 2.9

Sunday, June 2nd – 2.8

Saturday, June 1st – 3.0

Friday, May 31st – 2.9

Thursday, May 30th – 2.3

Wednesday, May 29th – 2.7

Tuesday, May 28th – 2.5

Monday, May 27th – 2.4

Sunday, May 26th – 2.2

Saturday, May 25th – 2.2

Thursday, May 23rd – 2.4

Wednesday, May 22nd – 2.2

Tuesday, May 21st – 2.2

Monday, May 20th – 2.1

Sunday, May 19th – 2.5

Saturday, May 18th – 2.3

I’m not having any medical problems, but to a certain extent I’m scientifically curious, and feel that the INR swings up and down a bit. As I’m paying for the strips, no-one can say, I’m wasting NHS money. A cardiologist once said to me, that if I got my INR right, I wouldn’t have another stroke.

I have to keep my INR between 2 and 3, with a target value of 2.5.  As I’m a trained Control Engineer, I’m using a simple algorithm to make sure I’m in range and to try and nudge the INR to 2.5.

What is interesting, is that when this sunny spell of weather started on the 31st May, the INR has increased and despite reducing the dose to a sensible minimum of 3 mg., it remains at the high end of the target range.

Obviously, a few days don’t prove it conclusively, but there are other reports on the Internet of the sun affecting the INR. There a thread here.

Note that I now keep the results in a single post here and also with other data like the weather and how I feel in an Excel spreadsheet.

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  1. Have you tried testing and then testing again from a different finger, or ten minutes later? I found that my blood glucose reading can be several points different when I do that, the meter is exactly accurate, it is only the amount of glucose in that drop of blood, and the next drop might be different as it isn’t evenly spread.

    Comment by Liz P | June 4, 2013 | Reply

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