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George Clooney And Matt Damon Relax In Cambridge

Usually, when a story about celebrities relaxing ends up in the media, it usually concerns something like alcohol, drugs or bad behaviour.

But not this story from Cambridge, where George Clooney and Matt Damon are making a film. Here’s the final paragraphs.

Damon turned up with Clooney and two other men, and spent the hour “shooting hoops”, before Miss Shadrack said she had to inform them their time was up as others were waiting to use the court.

“They were very nice, such lovely people, and they posed for some pictures and chatted with people, but they didn’t say anything about the film they were making,” she said.

It looks like a good time was had by all!

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Wetherspoons To Open A Pub On The M40

It looks like Wetherspoons will be opening a pub on the M40 according to reports like this one from the BBC.

I have no view on whether it would increase drink-driving, but surely it would be just as easy to drink in a pub just off the motorway, than one in a service area.

But what I would like to see is better rail interchanges on motorways! Very few railway stations are close to motorways with large amounts of parking. Personally, I’m not too badly affected, as I don’t drive, but sometimes when I want to meet someone driving along the motorway, finding a suitable station is difficult.


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The Sun And INR

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing my INR daily. These are the early results taken daily on my Coagucheck.

Tuesday, June 4th – 3.0

Monday, June 3rd – 2.9

Sunday, June 2nd – 2.8

Saturday, June 1st – 3.0

Friday, May 31st – 2.9

Thursday, May 30th – 2.3

Wednesday, May 29th – 2.7

Tuesday, May 28th – 2.5

Monday, May 27th – 2.4

Sunday, May 26th – 2.2

Saturday, May 25th – 2.2

Thursday, May 23rd – 2.4

Wednesday, May 22nd – 2.2

Tuesday, May 21st – 2.2

Monday, May 20th – 2.1

Sunday, May 19th – 2.5

Saturday, May 18th – 2.3

I’m not having any medical problems, but to a certain extent I’m scientifically curious, and feel that the INR swings up and down a bit. As I’m paying for the strips, no-one can say, I’m wasting NHS money. A cardiologist once said to me, that if I got my INR right, I wouldn’t have another stroke.

I have to keep my INR between 2 and 3, with a target value of 2.5.  As I’m a trained Control Engineer, I’m using a simple algorithm to make sure I’m in range and to try and nudge the INR to 2.5.

What is interesting, is that when this sunny spell of weather started on the 31st May, the INR has increased and despite reducing the dose to a sensible minimum of 3 mg., it remains at the high end of the target range.

Obviously, a few days don’t prove it conclusively, but there are other reports on the Internet of the sun affecting the INR. There a thread here.

Note that I now keep the results in a single post here and also with other data like the weather and how I feel in an Excel spreadsheet.

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ARM Fire Another Shot

My trawl last night picked up this news item about ARM.  ARM’s chief marketing officer, Ian Drew, is reported to have said:

Mobile users expect a range of devices at different price points, and for a mid-range mobile experience to include some high end mobile features. With a billion smart phones predicted to ship in 2013, and tablets projected to out-ship notebook PCs, device-makers can now provide quality, high-performance mobile products with the features that matter the most, at a range of price points.

I probably would agree.  I for instance don’t use a smart phone, but carry a £10 Nokia phone and a Fuji Coolpix camera.  For notes, I carry a small notebook and a couple of pens. So I don’t need a smart phone. I just want something to make and receive calls and text messages. In London, I’m never far from home and there are maps everywhere, so who needs on-line information and maps and the constant terror of e-mail, much of which is spam?

So a mid-range phone might just be the right one for me.  But what would be better is a camera, that was wirelessly connected to my phone, so that I could post pictures quickly.  If a camera is part of the phone, you inevitably end up with something that is just too big and the sort of device, that is regularly nicked.

I don’t think I’m alone either, in that several of my friends don’t have smart phones.

So have ARM come up with a winner in their new range of processor designed for smaller smart phones and tablets?

I think they have!

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Should Tube Stations Be Sponsored?

It has been proposed that London Underground stations should be sponsored. The story is here in the Standard.

On paper it looks a good idea, but I doubt it would work as well as expected.

Look at the obvious example of Harrods, which effectively has its own entrance into Knightsbridge station. How would Harvey Nicks feel about being served by a station called Harrods?

Perhaps an idea that might work well, but probably would not raise as much money would be to allow the bus or train information system to say something like.  “This is Knightsbridge.  Alight here for Harrods”

But even then, how do you sort out the Harrods/Harvey Nicholls problem?

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Angelina Jolie’s Example

I’ve never had breast cancer, but my late wife, C did, in her late fifties. She caught the cancer early and luckily only had a lump and lymph nodes removed, followed by a course of radiotherapy. She made a complete recovery and the cancer never returned.  Sadly she died of a totally unrelated cancer a few years later.

I think Angelina Jolie’s upfront approach to her double mastectomy is to be praised. It’s reported here on the BBC. I know that Angelina has a lot more money than all of us and probably had the best surgeon, that money could buy, and C had a surgeon, who works extensively in the NHS, although she went privately.  But her outcome was good and provided she was careful about what she wore, no-one knew that she’d had an operation. She was still able to wear a bikini, as I reported here. She also had to be reasonably careful about the bra she wore.

One thing that worried her, was that from professional experience, breast cancer operations, were quite a large cause of divorce, and I think she worried about my attitude to her body, after the operation. So I would also praise Brad Pitt for his support of his wife.  Too often, in C’s experience, men often went looking for a perfect model.

I think my advice to anybody going through cancer or any other serious medical treatment, is to make sure you get a doctor, who you can trust and get yourself as fit as you can both before and after the treatment. And don’t rush things! Even with my stroke, the best advice I had was from a man, I bumped into on a train.  He turned out to be a retired professor of medicine, who’d worked a lot with stroke patients.  He said  that time will be the biggest healer. I think now, three years later that has been very true.

I also wonder if those going through serious operations, in a stable relationship have a better chance of recovery.

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