The Anonymous Widower

From St. Leonard’s To Hastings

I walked along the sea-front in the sun to Hastings.

It was colder than it looked and I was pleased, I had got a lot of layers on.

I finished my walk, in the cafe at the surprisingly large Marks and Spencer, which was just a short walk from the station.

About fifteen years ago, I went to Hastings and was distinctly unimpressed. It has certainly improved and it was a good walk along the front.

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Sunrise On A Eurostar to Paris

I took these pictures as the Eurostar sped to Paris through the countryside.

So try to book a ticket in a window seat on the left hand side of the train.

In fact always book on that side if you want the sun as coming home you’ll get the sunset.

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It’s Not Christmas Is It?

This picture of Southwark Cathedral was taken on Christmas Eve in 2014.

It's Not Christmas Is It?

It’s Not Christmas Is It?

Not very Christmasy!

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Sunlight And Shadows Through The City

I came home from London Bridge on the 141 bus and it was a gorgeous sunny day.

Ido like taking pictures of the sunlight and the way it creates effects and shadows.

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A Beautiful Day For December

Yesterday was sunny.

It’s supposed to be December. Unfortunately, the average temperature was about 4°C.

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Enjoying The Sun On The Overground

I went to Richmond on the Overground and I caught this picture of a lady sunning herself, whilst waiting for a train on the eastbound platform of the North London line.

Enjoying The Sun On The Overground

Enjoying The Sun On The Overground

As the line goes roughly east-west, quite a few eastbound platforms get lots of sun. I could have been caught enjoying the sun at several times in the past.

Try sunbathing on the Underground!

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The Walkie-Scorchie

This is one of the nicknames of London’s newest skyscraper, usually called the Walkie-Talkie.

The building focussed the sun and melted parts of a car parked in the street.  Note the cones to stop it happening again. There’s a report of the incident here in the Independent.

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My House Is Hot Today

When I left this house about eleven, I deliberately left the curtains open and the air-conditioning off.

As you can see the sun was also pouring in through the skylight, but the temperature on my return was over thirty degrees. After about an hour the air-coditions has got it down to 27.  But it’s still hot!

i do think though, that the skylight is one of the major causes of the overheating. But no-one can make a blind to keep the sun out.

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The Sun And INR

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing my INR daily. These are the early results taken daily on my Coagucheck.

Tuesday, June 4th – 3.0

Monday, June 3rd – 2.9

Sunday, June 2nd – 2.8

Saturday, June 1st – 3.0

Friday, May 31st – 2.9

Thursday, May 30th – 2.3

Wednesday, May 29th – 2.7

Tuesday, May 28th – 2.5

Monday, May 27th – 2.4

Sunday, May 26th – 2.2

Saturday, May 25th – 2.2

Thursday, May 23rd – 2.4

Wednesday, May 22nd – 2.2

Tuesday, May 21st – 2.2

Monday, May 20th – 2.1

Sunday, May 19th – 2.5

Saturday, May 18th – 2.3

I’m not having any medical problems, but to a certain extent I’m scientifically curious, and feel that the INR swings up and down a bit. As I’m paying for the strips, no-one can say, I’m wasting NHS money. A cardiologist once said to me, that if I got my INR right, I wouldn’t have another stroke.

I have to keep my INR between 2 and 3, with a target value of 2.5.  As I’m a trained Control Engineer, I’m using a simple algorithm to make sure I’m in range and to try and nudge the INR to 2.5.

What is interesting, is that when this sunny spell of weather started on the 31st May, the INR has increased and despite reducing the dose to a sensible minimum of 3 mg., it remains at the high end of the target range.

Obviously, a few days don’t prove it conclusively, but there are other reports on the Internet of the sun affecting the INR. There a thread here.

Note that I now keep the results in a single post here and also with other data like the weather and how I feel in an Excel spreadsheet.

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Are There Indirect Consequences Of Bereavement Or Divorce?

Yesterday, I met someone, who has divorced after a fairly long marriage.  I’m not sure how long ago it was, but they did move house  in the last year.

I first noticed their nails and they appeared to be short and brittle just like mine below. They also had similar bumps to those I have on my index finger.

My Left Hand

My Left Hand

On questioning, they revealed that they lived in a south-facing flat, although it doesn’t have under-floor central heating, like my house.

So are they living in a hot, dry atmosphere, like I have for a lot of the time, since I moved into this house? There is only one way to find out and that is buy one of these.

Maplin Hygro-Thermometer

Maplin Hygro-Thermometer

I got mine from Maplin. Click here for details.

Since the begining of January, I’ve kept the temperature most of the time in the range of 19-21 °C, with the humidity as high as possible. Admittedly, it’s a bit hotter this morning, but then the sun is on and both the heating and air-conditioning are off.

The consequences for my gut have been dramatic. Ever since my stroke in 2010, my gut has been lively, which an expert neurologist said was strange, as if stroke sufferers have a problem it’s usually constipation. For a long time, I thought I’d been glutened in hospital.

Now I was married for forty years and my lunch companion had probably been married for a long time, although they had got divorced.  So the nails and the hands got me thinking.

Could it be, that when you are living with someone, you get into habits and a pattern of living? C and myself, were a couple, who did things together, but she was very definite in what she wanted. She always slept on the same side of the bed, kept the temperature of her car at a precise 22.5 °C and always liked to eat at particular times. She also was the first to complain, if the inside of a house or hotel room was too hot, and I would be told to do something about it.

I was happy to live at her temperature, but she always complained that my office or car was too hot.

After she died, I decided to warm the house up.  I changed radiators and also switched from blankets to duvets in a quest for more warmth.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do any before and after measurements, but it was about this time that my rhinitis or as I thought at the time, hay fever, started.

This rhinitis got very much worse after the stroke in Hong Kong.  My hospital room, had a big picture window and the sun streamed through.  Could it have been very hot and dry?

When I moved to this house, it was very hot and I started to feel unwell and even thought the house was trying to kill me.

I have now got air-conditioning and control the temperature and humidity as tight as I can. But all of this does illustrate the chain of events from C’s tragic death, that ruined my health.

There may also be other factors, that come in on either bereavement or divorce, or even just moving house.

I hate gas cookers with a passion, as I don’t like naked flames anywhere, but others won’t cook on anything else. C and I, were both very happy with an AGA.

I don’t like draughts either and generally keep the windows shut and go for a walk if I want fresh air. After a bereavement or divorce, you may have a tedency to shut yourself away, so perhaps acquiring a dog that needs to be walked is maybe a good idea. I haven’t gone for the dog, but I do walk quite a bit.

How many women after a divorce, go from a comfortable air-conditioned car to an affordable hatchback, as the settlement is not in their favour?

There are obviously other factors, and if anybody has any ideas, I’d be pleased to hear them.

But I always remember a story of a couple, who moved a mile or so from their new sealed house, with fitted carpets in the town centre, to a country cottage with stone floors and ill-fitting windows.  Their son’s asthma disappeared after the move.

So are there any scientific papers on the effects of temperature and humidity on health.

I found this paper from Harvard, entitled Hospital admissions for heart disease: the effects of temperature and humidity. Read the summary. It seems to indicate, that in their specific study, temperature was important, but humidity wasn’t.

My only advice would be to get yourself, one of Maplin’s meters, so that you know your preferred temperature and humidity.

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