The Anonymous Widower

Thoughts On My Left Arm

My left arm isn’t good and it has never been since the humerus was broken by the school bully. My son asked me why I don’t floss my teeth and I think the answer is that my left hand can’t do it.  After all, the only thing it’s done successfully with it, is fly an aircraft. A friend told me, that when she met me, she was surprised at the way I typed. I also always used to sit in the cinema or theatre with C to my right, so as that was for forty years, I’ve probably protected that arm all the time. One eminent doctor, said I was suffering from neglect syndrome, which is generally stroke-related.  But I’ve avoided using my left arm for years and I’m very right-handed. Even playing tennis, I tend to run round my backhand and if I ever do a backhand it is two-handed.

I can remember going back to around twenty and when I drove my old Morris Minor, I’d often do the gear-changing without using the clutch. Did this mean that my left arm didn’t have to apply so much pressure?

June 21, 2013 - Posted by | Health |

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