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Magnificent Skies

Living in London, you rarely get a clear sky with no light pollution.

But here in Central Sweden, about fifty kilometres north of Vasteras, we got some of the best skies I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps the best were in Alice Springs in Australia, when C and I flew around the country in a Piper Arrow. We were staying in this hotel and a local student had brought his telescope and set it up in the courtyard.  He was showing anybody who wanted to view, the southern sky. Sadly, in the evening we were there, only C and I took up his offer.  C would talk about it afterwards any time, we saw a magnificent sky.

My one regret on this Swedish trip, was not to bring a decent star chart with me. Another guy, who knew more than I do about astronomy, felt the same too.

It just shows  how clear the skies were.

Next time, I go to the area, I’ll be better prepared.

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  1. If you have an Android tablet or phone, you can download the Google Sky Map app that shows the night sky in the correct orientation when you hold the device up to the sky. Astronomical bodies are identified and additional information can be displayed. Does of course need a data connection to work (wifi or mobile).

    Comment by John Wright | September 12, 2013 | Reply

  2. I think that would have been difficult, as we had no signal and no light.

    Comment by AnonW | September 12, 2013 | Reply

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