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Ulster Says No!

The talks in Northern Ireland seem to have ground to their inevitable conclusion, as is reported here on the BBC. Here’s the first bit.

Talks aimed at solving some of Northern Ireland’s most contentious issues ended on Saturday without agreement.

The five main parties will meet again early on Monday to discuss parades, flags and dealing with the past.

I am getting sick to death of the same entrenched attitudes, that have cost all of us billions of pounds.

Who is going to rid us of this troublesome country?

Most of my friends from Eire don’t want this bigotted basket case either!

One point that has to be made.  In most of England, we don’t have any religious parades that are contentious and you rarely see flags flown that some might not like. Even the cross of St. George has gone from something that was only flown to annoy to a flag flown with pride.  So why if we can do it on this side of the water, can’t the Northern Irish do it.

I was also in Liverpool in the sixties, where there was a nasty undercurrent of religious tension. You don’t hear anything negative like that, from the city now!

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